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Is Delta 8 Legal In Cities Like New York & Other 49 States? Ministry of Hemp Report – IHUB Partner Press Releases

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In a Recent Ministry of Hemp podcast, they talked about the legal status of Delta-8 in the US. The name Delta-8 creates quite a stir. Delta-8 THC or simply Delta 8 is creating a buzz, especially in cities like New York, where it has been available for quite some time. Dive further into the article to understand what the buzz is actually about.

What is Delta 8 Explained by Ministry of Hemp

Delta-8 is a cannabinoid. It has been gaining popularity over time as it gives a similar high to that of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. Delta-8 is a reduced version of Delta-9. When Delta-9 is stored for a long time, it degrades and turns into Delta-8.

Some people surprisingly love the benefits that Delta 8 provides. They appreciate the intoxication that causes happiness, relief, and exhilaration. As a result, Delta 8 products like Delta-8 gummies & flowers are getting popular.

Is Delta-8 Legal? D-8 THC Legal Status Explained by Ministry of Hemp

The legalities of Delta-8 exist in grey. There are only a few states that explicitly talk about Delta-8 THC. Other states forbid cannabis or even a subtle hint of marijuana. These states also prohibit Delta-9.

As Delta-8 is different from Delta-9, most companies sneakily slip Delta-8 in the market. Many companies promote Delta-8 legally. We can say that Delta-8 is not illegal, but this is a point of debate currently. Federal law has explicitly banned Delta-9 but not Delta-8.

President Trump signed the Farm Bill on 20th December 2018. The Farm Bill made many industrial hemp products legal, including CBD. The law states that cannabis-derived products are permitted as long as they contain less than 3% of Delta THC.

Here is a fun fact. You can get Delta-8 delivered to you in the mail. Many companies send Delta-8 to all states except:

  • Alaska

  • Arizona

  • Arkansas

  • Colorado

  • Delaware

  • Idaho

  • Iowa

  • Mississippi

  • Montana

  • New York

  • Rhode Island

  • Utah

Companies often resist sending Delta-8 to some states due to the hazy legalities. You should always check the websites to check the eligibility of your state.

Delta-8 is a comparatively new drug, hence many states are ignoring this drug in their legalities. Having said that, some states are now working to tie the loose ends as they are trying to regulate the usage and production of Delta-8.

A bill is pending in Oklahoma that defines-Delta 8 under the same umbrella as marijuana. A similar bill is pending in Alabama.

A state legislative committee recently voted to accept a change in the definition of THC. Policymakers in Oregon are working to recreate a policy that makes artificially derived

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