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The Save Soil Walkathon June 2022 is being organized by Conscious Planet in an effort to raise awareness about the damage that has been wrought on the planet, precisely the soil degradation that is destroying the agricultural infrastructure. The profound nature of this loss of agricultural soil has far-reaching consequences, with the loss of life of other minute life-forms that exist alongside humans, and the projected scarcity of arable land can lead to future lives being at stake.

Our agricultural land, specifically the arable soil that supports it, is losing out due to human excesses. Currently, 52% of the soil supporting agriculture worldwide has degraded to the point of no return. This loss should already be sounding alarm bells for the future of nutrition of the human species, as currently, the nutrition deficit has risen to an incredible number; over 2 billion people worldwide suffer from nutritional deficiencies. And as more arable soil is lost, the future projections of food sourced through agriculture also decline, leading to an increase in nutritional deficiency.

Currently, we are losing arable soil at an astonishing rate of almost 1 acre of soil per second. If we don’t mend our ways, this loss could reach a profound loss of almost 90% of the top arable soil. Besides weather patterns that are being changed due to humanity’s quest for energy consumption through burning fossil fuels, the non-biodegradable garbage is also affecting the loss of the precious soil. These practices are destroying the entire ecological systems and increasing the extinction rate of entire animal species inhabiting those ecosystems.

The depletion of our most significant contributor to food production, agriculture, and the soil that enables it must be halted today. Healthy soil is vital to the future survival of the human species and others that co-habit the planet with us. Soil depletion is a serious issue today that impacts us all. We must take a stand together and raise our voices to make the world realize that this issue is vital for all of us. This is why Conscious Planet has planned a walkathon to elevate the issue globally.

This Father’s Day, Conscious Planet is inviting individuals across North and Latin America, across 60 cities, to walk and raise awareness about the gravity of the loss of arable soil. Through the Save Soil Walkathon, Conscious Planet is aiming to convince the government to put into place long-term policies to increase the organic content in the soil from 3 to 6%. Conscious Planet plans to achieve this by gaining support from the citizens, influencers, and leaders, as these policies will ensure the safety of the precious arable soil that the planet has left. Conscious Planet invites you and others who understand the issue’s importance to come and walk together and raise your voices about the impending doom that hovers over the horizon. Conscious Planet understands that the next decade is crucial and may be the last chance for humanity to mend its ways and save the precious soil that feeds us and other living beings. If we don’t do something about it today, we will be at risk for our entire planet. So, bring your family and friends to walk and save the soil.

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