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Is there any hope for climate change? Here’s what to know

Actress and activist Sophia Bush sits down with experts to find answers to the audience’s most pressing questions on today’s most confusing topics, emphasizing the simple facts you need to know.

While many of us strive to do our part to lead more sustainable lives, there is real hope for reversing the enormous damage and imminent danger of climate change. In the latest episode of Good + Goodseries on YouTube Need to knowThat’s exactly what host Sophia Bush seeks to investigate in her conversation with climate policy activist Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, PhD, a marine biologist, founder of Ocean Collectiv and co-editor of the collection All we can save. According to Dr. Johnson, it really depends. She is cautious with specifying her hope, and that makes perfect sense considering how hopeless hope is when it comes out without action.

“Hope” to me, as a word, sounds a bit passive, “said Dr. Johnson.” As a scientist, when I zoom out, what I see is a bunch of possible futures. I see the possibility of a really dangerous future if we don’t act together, shift away from fossil fuels, protect and restore ecosystems. bad ”.

Obviously, a lot of work needs to be done and a lot of problems need to be solved, so the notion of converting passive hope into deliberate action can feel overwhelming. Where is the best and most urgent place to start ?! The plastic abuse? The impact of food waste on climate change? If you don’t know where to start when it comes to protecting our planet, Dr. Johnson recommends starting by exploring the main sources of GHG emissions (GHGs), keep the heat and warm the Earth. The biggest culprits mentioned are electricity generation, transportation, agriculture and land use, manufacturing, and a miscellaneous “other” category.

“No one can do it all, so it is a matter of figuring out how each of us has the skills to come up with the solutions each of us need to be driven forward. ” —Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, PhD

“And then, of course, there will be solutions for each of those categories, and so I want to think about which solutions I’m most excited to do,” said Dr. Johnson. “No one can do it all, so it is a matter of figuring out how each of us has the skills to come up with the solutions each of us need to be driven forward. “

In this sense, performing your role in combating climate change means doing whatever you are most passionate about. Because while saving the world (literally) requires a systematic overhaul, it also does personal efforts. Make a daily choice of walking instead of driving, and pause buy new clothesOr simply turn off the lights when you leave the room some difference. And go the extra mile in that lane by making meaningful lifestyle changes (maybe you convert your incandescent bulbs with LED models) even better. Making these changes is what keeps Dr. Johnson feeling optimistic and hopeful that we can see another pathway.

“Then I saw a future where I really wanted to live,” said Dr. Johnson. “There are continuing changes that we can adapt to, and we can restore nature, and we can convert to renewable electricity, and we can have a world that’s still interesting. . And so the opportunity is being discovered, ‘How do we make sure we have the best possible chance?’

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