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Israel and Greece signed record defense agreement | Military news

The deal included a $ 1.65 billion contract to establish and operate a training center for the Greek Air Force.

Israel and Greece signed the largest defense procurement deal ever, which Israel said it would strengthen economic and political ties between the two countries as their air forces conduct a move. general exercise.

The deal includes a $ 1.65 billion contract for the establishment and operation of a training center for the Hellenic Air Force by defense contractor Israel Elbit Systems over a 22-year period, Ministry of Defense. Israel said on Sunday.

The training center will be modeled after Israel’s own flight academy and will be equipped with 10 M-346 training aircraft manufactured by Leonardo of Italy, the ministry said.

Elbit will provide kits to upgrade and operate Greek T-6 aircraft, and provide training, simulation and logistical support services.

Israel Defense Minister Benny Gantz said: “I am sure (this program) will upgrade the capacity and strengthen the economies of Israel and Greece, so our partnership will deepen. sharper on the defense, economic, and political levels.

The announcement comes after Friday’s meeting in Cyprus between the Foreign Ministers of the United Arab Emirates, Greece, Cyprus and Israel, who have agreed to increase cooperation.

Israeli and Greek air forces launched a joint exercise in Greece on Sunday, the Israeli military said.

During at least one previous exercise in Greece, Israeli fighters practiced the S-300 on the island of Crete. Russian-made air defense systems are also deployed in Syria and Iran, enemies of Israel.

A source in Hellenic National Defense Command said the S-300 was not activated during the joint exercises that began on Sunday.

Israel, Greece and Cyprus have taken a number of steps in recent months to strengthen the relationship, including advancing plans to build a 2,000 megawatt undersea electric cable and a lower gas pipeline. 1,900 km (1,300 miles) long sea, a moves that are uncomfortable Regional rival Turkey.

Last month, the Israeli army indicates it is already in progress a joint naval exercise with Greece and Cyprus.

Greece and Cyprus are entangled in a dispute with Turkey, which has sent gas exploration vessels into waters claimed by Greece and drilling vessels into areas claimed by Cyprus.

Tensions brought NATO allies Greece and Turkey closer to open conflict last year, but tensions have eased since then.



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