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Israel goes to the polls: turnout of voters decreases, to 42.3% – Middle East

Legislative elections in Israel – the fourth in two years – begin at 7 o’clock (local time) with more than 13,000 seats, partly for Covid patients or those in quarantine.
The first indication of the vote will be at 10pm (local time, 9pm in Italy) at the end of the polls, the three TVs will announce their respective polls.

Almost 5% less than the election last March. According to official data at 8pm, the turnout rate in Israel was 60.9%, down 4.7% from the previous vote. According to the media, the lowest turnout seems to belong to Israel’s Arab electoral district.

“Let’s hope it’s the last round of the election. Don’t stay home, go and vote.” This is the prime minister’s call Benyamin Netanyahu just left the polling station in Jerusalem, where he voted with his wife Sarah. Netanyahu – who was surrounded by journalists – then remembered Israel’s successes in its fight against Covid. “Our country – he said – is a wonder of the world”.

“It’s the moment of truth. There are only two options: either a ‘Hope’ government or a obscure, dangerous, racist and stigmatized government that will take money from people. work to give to those who don’t “work. He said it Yair Lapid leader of the opposition after voting. Lapid, who voted in Raanana, near Tel Aviv, then warned that if the right-wing government was led by Netanyahu, they “wouldn’t work for those who made the country go up, who worked. hard work, pay taxes and work for the army “

Threatened in today’s election, the fourth in two years, it could be the Israeli regime itself. The warning comes from the defense minister Benny Gantz, leader of the central Blue White party. “Go and vote and choose Blue White – he said when he got out of his polling place – because otherwise, the fifth round of voting might not happen. We will have a new kind of government.” “I urge everyone – he continued – to stay calm, control violence and respect everyone’s democratic rights.” The leader of another neutral party (‘There is hope’), Gideon Saar, said at his polling station entrance that “today we have a chance to get out of the deadlock, out of four electoral rounds and try force to change “. “It was an exciting day – he continued – we have great hope for the future.”



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