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It costs $ 3 million to ride on this nuclear yacht with millionaires, scientists, and celebrities

Entrepreneur Aaron Olivera aims to raise environmental awareness by bringing climate experts, activists and tycoons together on yachts to travel the world.

April 12, 2021

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During an debut dinner in Singapore, businessman Aaron Olivera Present your project to raise awareness about Environment . This is Nuclear yacht Earth 300 , Offering 10-day tours in which scientists and students will stand shoulder to shoulder with high-end tourists, such as millionaires and celebrities, who will pay around 3 million dollars per trip .

In addition to the crew, a group of climate scientists and students will be on board, check the ocean during excursions. They will all be able to travel for free or at a discount. A fee of $ 3 million will be charged to richer travelers, which will make the business profitable.

During his presentation, Olivera explained that his intention is to save the environment, inspire young people, and advance science.

“We want the sphere to inspire anyone to look at it to save the planet. Imagine if we could build an object that excites people around the world, “ Enthusiastic businessman said, who called the ship is “The Eiffel Tower of Our Generation” based on Bloomberg .

This is the Earth 300 nuclear superyacht

Super yacht in a modern style with clean lines, designed by Ivan Salas Jefferson , an expert on this type of vessel. It is 300 meters long and 60 meters high, comfortably enough for 450 people.

The Earth 300 featured 20 luxury suites , one cantilever observatory and a 13-story glass “Science”.

Spaceship will house 22 laboratories where is a number 160 scientists will work , conduct research and collect data through thousands of integrated sensors and what could possibly be the first commercial marine quantum computer.

This is what Aaron Oliver’s super yacht will look like. Picture: Earth 300 via Facebook .

A portion of its high cost will be used for installation Nuclear power plants do not emit emissions to power the yachts. The UK-based Core Power Company is developing a molten salt reactor, a technology from the US nuclear company TerraPower founded by Bill Gates.

How much will the Earth 300 superyacht cost and when will it set sail?

Although Olivera is very clear about his project, there is still a long way to go to make it happen. It brought entrepreneurs 6 years and 5 million dollars to There is a design advanced enough to start to list works of the super yacht, which is expected to be made at shipyards in Europe and South Korea.

The total cost of the Earth 300 is estimated to be from $ 500 million to $ 700 million . Some will come from private investors, but most will be obtained through traditional financial instruments.

The yacht is expected to launch in 2025 But reactor certification can take five to seven years. For this reason, the spacecraft is initially expected to run on synthetic green fuel.

Businessmen want the ship’s first voyage tour around Antarctica , followed by a passing ride North Pole . It is estimated that it will go in 300 days a year, generating approx 100 million dollars from Rich ecotourist. You will also receive additional income by renting it for events or filming set.

Olivera confirmed that the business plan has been checked by KPMG finance company and 80% of profits will be for environmental reasons. In addition, he said that the science project would “open source” , with processing facilities and information shared with other climate research efforts around the world.

With information from Bloomberg .



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