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Italians and digital in the pandemic, stories in the archives – TV

Tell through eight iconic stories how Italian life changed during these pandemic months in the most diverse regions, thanks to the use of digital tools. This is the goal of the ‘Everything is possible – Digital Risk Stories’ documentary created by RaiPlay with Tim, which will launch on the public services platform in October, with eight episodes, each episode is 25 minutes long. This is an initiative created as part of the Digital Risorgimento Campaign (in the online version of the covid months that saw the participation of over a million people, ed) launched by Tim in the year 2019, with the participation of more than 40 partners, was born with the spirit of “contributing to improving the digital skills of the Italian people”, recalled the president of the company Salvatore Rossi. Serious progress, 25 / o out of a total of 28 EU countries.
Overcoming the digital gap with the development of digital skills is a goal where “President Draghi emphasizes importance,” added Rossi, responding to journalists. Everyone “can read and write, but not everyone knows how to use computers – he stressed – so we decided to invite Rai to join the project, through a beautiful archive of documents”. The partnership may continue into the future.
The archives were born as brand content and “in the spirit of being a tool and opportunity to advance digital knowledge – says Elena Capparelli, Director of RaiPlay and Digitalism -” explains – .We are selecting directors with Rai PubblicitĂ  and Riccardo Luna (creator of the project Stories that are partly selected and in part we will be collecting them through a contest (details to participation is available on the Risorgimento Digitale website, edition) starting today We listen, we want to bring to the audience great iconic stories. little.
Those who write to us will be the protagonist and main character. There are many stories regarding these months about what was a must-but-show richness for the future. Creating innovation through the repository of materials will be a great opportunity for Rai “.
It begins with the question, ‘What would these months be like without digital tools?’ – said the creator of Riccardo Luna. The biggest digital accelerator in the country is the pandemic, about 10 million Italians did something digital for the first time, it’s not just a tool of combat and recovery, but also a way to self-regenerate and do better. This is what we want to tell documentaries, in the most diverse fields, from health to sports, from school to entertainment.
“Returning to ‘physical’ is a bet we have to win, as it means Covid is beaten but clearly our lives will not be the same as before, even if well, with routine. Using more digital – Rossi commented – We’ll have to take into account that the rudimentary things (about digital knowledge, ed) that we thought we were going to deliver at first, were go much further “. (HANDLING).


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