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Italians disappeared in Mexico, 50 years in prison for two spies involved – North America

Mexico’s Jalisco State Court (sixth judicial district) has sentenced Salomon Adrian Ramos Silva and Emilio Martines Garcia to 50 years, two policemen convicted of “forced disappearance” by Antonio Russo and Vincenzo Cimmino, two of Three Italians went missing in Mexico on January 31, 2018.
As for the judges, they are completely guilty of disputes with other public officials, including the local police commander and his deputy. Two policemen were also prohibited from leaving the public office. The decision was made one week after the conviction of the crime on April 3.
There was no news about Linda Guadalupe Arroyo, a policewoman charged with fleeing during her final hearing, on the occasion of her break. Investigators Sonia Alvarez Cisneros, Jaime Navarro Hernandez, Jorge Vejar Villa and Manuel Alejandro Gutierrez Banuelos of Fiscalia, the Mexican investigative agency, have asked the judge to send the two officers to 60 years in prison, compensating for one million pounds. UK and office interventions. In contrast, the defendant’s defense demanded lighter sentences for agents, who have been pointed out, to do nothing but carry out the orders of their superiors.
The prosecutors insisted, in the indictment, that the maximum sentence requirement was motivated by the fact that agents were fully aware of the crimes they committed.
Furthermore, for Fiscalia, Antonio and Vincenzo, as well as Raffaele Russo (defended by attorney Claudio Falleti), who died hours before his son and nephew, are still classified as “desaparecidos” and For this reason, searches will continue. After the indictment, Francesco Russo went public (in video link from Naples, along with lawyer Luigi Ferrandino), who asked investigators to ask the convicted agents for the last time to say, if they knew, Where are Raffaele and Antonio Russo. and Vincenzo Cimmino.


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