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Italy started back from Monday, there was a crowd in Naples and Rome – Chronicle

Check out the “yellow zone” on the Roman coast and especially in Ostia. Many visitors, captivated by the pleasant sunshine and temperatures, take a stroll along Rome’s coast, dock and tourist port, where there are also a number of boat trips between yachts and keep going. boat. Curiosity also gave the Fountain of the Zodiac, which was restored and inaugurated on April 20 last year. But there are also kids and family on the beaches free of charge for the first dive, impromptu, tanned and someone for the first dive of the season. Many cars on the way. Especially popular is a take away for lunch. However, the attendance, albeit more discreet, in Fiumicino and Fregene, where the wait, amid some portfolio uncertainty for the reopening, was pointed out from Monday to with many eating activities.

Crowded with parks and even the main streets of today’s capital’s historic center. Many people take advantage of the sunny day and choose the park for cycling, walking or playing sports. Ostia coast and shopping streets, especially past del Corso, are also crowded. Control by law enforcement and local police is in place.

Restaurant to work this morning in Naples; clean the table in view of reopening next Monday thanks to the transition from the orange area to the yellow one. Sunny day in the capital with crowds on the shopping streets and lining up outside the stores. Lots of people but not crowded on the city’s waterfront. Beaches are inaccessible; The beaches were actually controlled by police, who blocked the flow of people.


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