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‘It’s a good sign that your body is processing it.’ – CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – When millions of Americans continue to receive vaccinations against COVID-19, reports of side effects are on the rise.

While most are expected and short-lived, CBS2’s Dr Max Gomez tells us there’s a reaction that you should pay extra attention to.

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In the end you got one Covid preventive vaccine. It will probably protect you from a potentially fatal disease, but like any medicine or medical procedure, the benefits often come with side effects.

“I felt aches and pains, and a fever,” said Dr. Ala Stanford.

That’s very common, especially after the second dose of either Modern and PfizerBut sometimes there is another reaction that can be worrisome.


“The next day, I started to feel a bit stiff on the left side of my neck and didn’t think too much about it. And by night there was a noticeable swelling in this area. And when I put a finger on it, you can feel tiny, something like a little marble, ”a man named John told Gomez.

A visit to the ER confirmed that John, who was married to a CBS colleague, had swollen lymph nodes, a common reaction after any vaccine, not just COVID.

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“Basically, your immune system is responding to vaccines. And that’s a good sign that your body is handling it and that your immune system is ready to fight whatever you’ve been vaccinated for, ”said Dr. Purvi Parikh of NYU Langone Health. .

Swollen lymph nodes have been reported in women who received a mammogram after vaccination. That’s worrying because it could be mistaken for cancer, so experts recommend waiting at least a month after getting any vaccine to go for a mammogram.

There are reports that this reaction, which may occur in both men, is much more common after the second shot of the Moderna vaccine, but experts warn that those numbers may not be accurate. , because they have not been fully studied.

John still had swollen lymph nodes, but that didn’t make him rethink his decision to vaccinate.

“Sure, I will get vaccinated again. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that you get extra protection is really helpful, ”he said.

Swollen lymph nodes are perfectly normal but may last a little longer than fever and discomfort after vaccination. But if the button remains there after a week or more, get it to see your doctor.

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