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Its environmentally sensitive architecture helps lift a rural Chinese village out of poverty

On misty terraces in southwestern China, architectural practices based on Hangzhou gad · line + studio recently completed an environmentally sensitive redevelopment project to help a rural village attract tourism revenue. Authorized by major Chinese real estate developer Sunac and Youcheng Fund under the State Council’s Poverty Reduction Office, the project “poverty reduction goals” includes 2,400 square meters of renovation and construction. and beautify the landscape for transformation Guizhou’s Rural Longtang village becomes a cultural destination with new guesthouses, theater and other amenities. Pre-engineered construction, locally sourced natural materials and solar panels were used to minimize the project’s environmental impact.

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Home to the Miao community, the traditional Chinese village of Longtang has suffered from population decline and decline due to a lack of job opportunities. To sustainably restore the village and honor the local culture, the architects Renovations 750 square meters of existing architecture and adding 1,650 square meters of new construction to attract tourists.

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Large wooden building on the foggy hillside
stone pathway between wooden buildings

The project to renovate traditional stilt houses in the village is an important part of the project. Locals increasingly renovate their structures with modern and cost-effective materials such as cement and bricks that inadvertently erode their village’s history. Consequently, the architects created a series of reconstruction demonstration projects to show villagers how to use low-cost and locally sourced materials with a spatial optimized layout for improvement. Nice building. The architects have also installed solar system slab on the slope.

Beige sofa and wooden bench in wood-lined room
person sitting near a fireplace in a large white room with glass walls

To develop tourism revenue, the architects built eight new hillside motels simulating the traditional Miao stilt house architecture together with the Mountain House, prefabricatedThe public-facing building with a panoramic terrace, outdoor theater and infinity pool. Like motels, Mountain House seems to “float” in the landscape, but it has a more modern aesthetic.

Infinity pool overlooking mountains and valleys
large white volume built of glass

“The Mountain House’s public building breaks down traditional rural building styles, trying to create a subtle and pure modern feel to dialogue with the mountains,” the architects explained. . “The natural building is divided into two L-shaped blocks according to the difference in elevation with the mountain.”

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Arch-Exist Photography via gad · line + studio

a series of wooden hotel buildings on the hillside



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