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It’s National Gin and Tonic Day – if you’re too lazy to make one, here’s the canned version to help you celebrate


Bombay Sapphire Gin & Tonic and Bombay Sapphire Gin & Tonic Light, $ 5.99 for a four-person package

The story behind

In case you haven’t marked it on your calendar yet, April 9 is National Ginseng and Supplements Day – yes, another additional holiday for marketing promotions. But we’re going to celebrate this because it doesn’t take much convincing us to sip a G&T, a cocktail that serves as the ultimate refreshing drink with bright herbal notes.

And that brings us to this new product from Bombay Sapphire: a canned gin and tonic that uses gin of the same name. Okay, there’s not much to do with making two-ingredient cocktails. But the people in Bombay, the British-made gin that appeared part of the Bacardi group, recently launched the product with the idea of ​​tapping into the growing canned cocktail market.

Indeed, global sales of such RTD (or ready-to-drink) products, as they are already known in the industry, are expected to grow 12.1% annually over the coming years, reaching 1, $ 6 billion by 2027, according to a research report. A spokesperson for the Bombay Sapphire brand said the brand is looking to target “those who appreciate a delicious cocktail but are attracted by the convenience of the form (canned) without compromising on taste. “.

Bombay has also brought some star power to the boxed G & Ts debut, inviting Bill Nye (as Science Guy) as the host. some videos explains the appeal of the classic cocktails. Nye has long been a Bombay fan, although in 2014 he said that the drink he chose was a Bombay martini.

What do we think about it

At first glance, we laughed at this product because it was so easy to prepare a G&T. But then we remember the lazy factor, because we never seem to have a water supplement bottle in the house and we are always lazy to go out and buy one when our moods go up and down. Plus, when we try the product, we have to agree that it achieves all the right notes – bitter and citrus, with perfect smoothness. The light version is almost delicious and will “consume” just 90 calories.

How to enjoy it

Although you can drink it right from the can, we recommend handling it properly by pouring it into a glass and serving it with lime garnish. Wish you have a happy Gin National Day and Tonic!



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