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‘It’s terrible to keep quiet on your own

The model and TV personality announced her sudden departure from the social media platform last month.

April 16, 2021

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After one Short absences on Twitter, model and television character Chrissy Teigen has returned.

Teigen returned to her decision to leave Twitter permanently on Friday, telling her followers that she felt “awful” for not being able to express herself on social media communication.

“Turns out it feels DISCOVERED to silence herself and no longer enjoy giggling in the stomach randomly all day and also losing like 2,000 friends at the same time lol”, she tweeted. “I choose the bad with the good !!”

Last month, Teigen, who has amassed more than 13.7 million followers as of the time of writing this post, announced leaving Twitter, citing that she no longer finds it beneficial.

“Hey. For more than 10 years, you are my world,” she wrote. “Honestly I owe this world that we have created here so much. I really consider a lot of you to be my real friends. But it’s time for me to say goodbye. This no longer serves me positively, it serves me negatively. And I think it’s the right time to call something. “

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The model regularly shares intimate pictures of her personal life with her husband, singer John Legend. She also has notable feud with President Donald Trump and the Pizzagate conspirators, who accused her and Legend of leading a group of pedophiles that did not exist at a pizza shop in Washington, DC. Due to his frequent cyber bullying, Teigen has blocked nearly a million followers, she said last year.

When she got back to Twitter, one user asked Teigen to update them what they missed. In Chrissy Teigen’s real fashion, the celebrity can’t help but respond with a hint of humor. “I spent weeks just tweeting about shampoo bottles,” she said joking.



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