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JD Martinez, Red Sox On Fire – CBS New York

(CBS Boston) – It was an exciting week of baseball, even though the schedule was still mid-April. Two more weeks is too early to draw any real conclusions from the standings or the gameplay that led to those wins and losses. But this is the perfect time to look at some of the action that is making up the headline.

MLB has had their first three home games this season, with the help of JD Martinez of the Boston Red Sox. It was also the first place that has not been attacked so far, thanks to Joe Musgrove of San Diego Padres. And what would a week of baseball be without a bit of controversy? The Philadelphia Phillies passed the Atlanta Braves in a call at the disc that could have easily gone the other way.

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This week’s baseball report looked at three Martinez host players, Musgrove’s game completely decommissioned and the Phillies victory.

JD Martinez on fire

Red Sox are in tears, winning six in a row after losing their first three games. Some credit will go to the slugger JD Martinez. He’s on a staggering pace so far, gaining 17 hits, 16 RBIs and five home runs on the road hitting an early season average of pushing .500. And beat as third-placed attacker on Sunday against Baltimore Orioles, Martinez completed three home runs, as part of a four-goal RBI afternoon.

His first strike ended with an attack. His last time too. But in the third half, he gave Boston a 4-0 lead with a solo shot on the right line. A two-inning RBI subsequently added another run. His second single home game came in the sixth inning, and third, this time at center, followed by eighth inning. Those three home visits made him the fifth player in history to score three times in a match against three different teams.

Martinez’s silly streak on Sunday continued the start of his unbelievable season. He is currently hitting .472 and misses 1,083, both among the top five in the Majors. His home run and total RBI also tops the League. Martinez And all of this happened in just eight matches and 38 appearances. With one basic attack In every game so far, he has also set a record in major leagues.

Boston won, September 14, Sunday to complete a three-game sweep against Baltimore. They are currently topping the American League East with a score of 6-3. After starting the season with three defeats to the rebuilding Orioles, Red Sox wiped out the Tampa Bay Rays and Orioles. The start of their next series with the Minnesota Twins was postponed on Monday after Daunte Wright was filmed in the suburbs of Minneapolis.

“Out of respect for the tragic events that happened yesterday in the Brooklyn Center and monitoring of additional details in this growing situation, Minnesota Twins decided not to play today’s game in the best interest of the game. of our fans, staff, players and communities, ”said the Twins Statement. “The decision was taken by Minnesota Twins after consulting with Major League Baseball, and local and state officials.”

Joe Musgrove’s No-Hitter

San Diego Padres is considered one of the best baseball teams that kick off the season. And throw the ball like Musgrove’s outing outing fighting the Texas Rangers will help them fulfill their expectations.

Musgrove threw nine innings off target on Friday night, leading Padres to a 3-0 win. He also hit 10 sticks. Padres’s right arm threw 112 throws in the game, 70% of which were throws. In addition to throwing the ball into Joey Gallo’s net in the fourth half, he also let go of any header.

Here’s the celebration that took place after the final:

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It was the first goal in the Padres franchise history, the first match of the MLB season, and also the first in Musgrove’s career. Padres, founded in 1969, was the last team to have no record on the list. MLB has seen 305 of them in its history. The most recent unsuccessful match also happened for the first time at Globe Life Field, where Rangers had just started playing this season.

Musgrove was acquired from the Pittsburgh Pirates for the season. He has now launched 15 unscheduled innings and has scored 18 goals for San Diego in two appearances. In his last appearance, Musgrove dropped three shots in six innings, to help Padres beat the Arizona Diamondbacks, 7-0. San Diego is currently 7-3, one game behind the Arizona Dodgers in the National League West.

Phillies-Braves controversial call

The Phillies got a win early last season in the Braves that could have easily gone the other way. Tied on six runs per person at the ninth end, the Phillies’ Didi Gregorius slipped a short flyball down the left line. Alec Bohm was tagged and scored. But the replay seems to suggest that Bohm is possible Missed tagging the plate.

Braves manager Brian Snitker was dismissed after replaying immediately holding on to the original call. The Phillies manager Joe Girardi is believed to have thought that the runner’s big toe was glancing at the plate of food.

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The last play at disc is a fitting ending for a game that has six home and multiple lead changes. It could also have saved the Phillies from the raids of the series. The Braves won the first two games, 8-1 and 5-4. Philadelphia is leading the National League East, with Atlanta two games back.



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