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Jersey City Schools Live Again, But Some Parents Concerned About the Phased Approach – CBS New York

JERSEY CITY, NJ (CBSNewYork) – After putting pressure on their school district, many Jersey City parents finally got the desired results. Live learning will return for some students starting next week.

But not without much interaction.

Parents held a small rally outside the district offices on Claremont Avenue on Thursday morning. after they are notified at the end of the week, face-to-face learning is not making progress. Then, on Wednesday night, the decision was reversed. They say all kinds of things with disruption. They just want clear communication and safe schools for their children.

“We’re still out here because it’s a reversal of a reversal and it’s been a very confusing week,” said parent Jackie Cox Battles.


Holding a sign that read “I can’t learn from my screen,” parent Naha Tuli said her 9-year-old son, Karsh, was relieved to finally return to school next week. next.

“I really can’t understand what they’re talking about online, because sometimes their internet goes down,” Karsh said.

But his mother says there is still a lot of uncertainty.

“I’m glad they reversed their decision, but, I still feel there are a lot of questions,” Tuli says. “What would happen if a student was able to COVID? Will they all close? I just don’t trust the district anymore, because they keep changing their minds. “

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Parents in Jersey City were getting their kids back this week, but on Sunday they got a phone call, partly “Sorry, we can’t open the door.” The message went on to say that the shortage of teachers was the reason.

But after pressure from parents, Mayor Steven Fulop and even Governor Phil Murphy, School District Superintendent Franklin Walker notified the parents on Wednesday night that the school would resume operations.

“From yesterday’s post, it looks like they will be trying to take the grades kindergarten through third grade starting next week,” said parent Anne Johnson.


The latest plan says students will return in phases – before third grade will return next Thursday, but only half a day with a 12:45 pm dismissal.

“It is part time. Part time won’t cut it. Not enough time. How should I work from 8:30 am to 12:45 pm? Yanira Ventura’s parents wondered.

Grades 4 through 12 can be expected to return on May 10.

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Fulop, who does not control schools because of the independent Board of Education, says only 500 of the district’s 3,300 teachers have requested special accommodation, and that all teachers have priority. vaccinations.

“Schools should be ready. They already have tens of millions of dollars from the federal government and plenty of time to prepare, ”said Fulop.

Schools will be closed on Wednesdays so facilities can be cleaned. Parents who do not feel comfortable sending their children back for face-to-face learning may choose to keep their child away until the end of June.



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