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“JetBlue Cites does a business in donations to electoral opponents”

Bloomberg Government:

JetBlue Airways Corp. is defending PAC’s decision to contribute to a legislator who opposed a presidential vote certification in January, saying they are continuing to contribute to candidates relevant to their business. .

The company has “halted candidate contributions to understand how PAC contributors want to move forward in the current political environment,” said a statement, noting that the public’s political action committee funds companies come from voluntary employee contributions. “We find that, like the general public, contributors have a wide range of opinions and beliefs about current issues.”

The company’s statement was emailed to Bloomberg by JetBlue spokeswoman Tamara Young, who for the first time reported the company’s contribution to Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (RN.Y.). Malliotakis was among nearly 150 Republican lawmakers oppose the Electoral College’s votes on January 6, a day. Trump’s pro-Trump rioters tried to interrupt the president’s vote.



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