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J&J continues to deploy COVID-19 vaccine from Europe with a safety warning mandated by regulatory authorities.

Johnson & Johnson said on Tuesday it would restart shipments of the COVID-19 Janssen vaccine to Europe, after the European Pharmaceutical Authority asked for a “warning about abnormal clots with low blood platelets. “is included in the pharmaceutical product information for the injections.

  • The EMA said The events reported from the United States are “very rare vaccine side effects” and emphasize that its “overall benefit (…) outweighs the risk of side effects”.

  • Use of vaccines J&J in the United States where eight million people The warning has been received so far, which was halted last week after incidents were reported in six women. The number of cases has since risen to nine.

  • The company signed an agreement to supply 200 million doses to Europe. According to the to a report Last week, in Italian La Stampa, the European Union decided not to renew its contract with Johnson & Johnson, or AstraZeneca, another vaccine developer, later this year.

  • Italy start of delivery The Janssen vaccine batches arrived at its areas as early as Wednesday morning, as the Netherlands also resumed its implementation.

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