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“Joe Manchin faces pressure from the State to oppose the Democratic Party’s Vote Bill”


West Virginia election officials are campaigning against Democratic Senator Joe Manchin the rules of his party’s voting power, again emphasizing his important role as the most prominent center of the Senate.

Mr. Manchin is the only Democrat senator in the house not listed as a co-patron of the law. Last week, he told reporters he was still reviewing it. All 49 other Senate Democrats support the bill, which would loosen state voter identification requirements, extend mail-based voting, and authorize online and same-day voter registration as well. such as early voting, among other steps.

West Virginia’s top election official, Republican Mac Warner, will travel to Washington to testify before the Senate Rules Committee on Wednesday on the law and at least one member of Mr. Manchin’s staff was on the call with state and county officials on Monday. Mr. Manchin’s office did not respond to a request for comment.

The fight for the 50-50 Senate vote once again focuses on Mr. Manchin, who was opposed forced change for unemployment payments in recent times coronavirus aid law. He also objected minimum wage of $ 15 per hour supported by many Democrats, saying a lower number would be better.



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