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Join this Readers on finding spring dresses for a more blooming bust!

This week we received an email from a reader named Maddie: “I’m having trouble finding fun spring dresses that match larger breasts …”

She wrote: “I have size 8/10 but have bigger breasts for my frame (32DDD), and it was hard to find my dream bright, beautiful dress (falling somewhere along the ghost Battle of Reformation / Gwyneth introduced around the Italian Riviera in The Talented Mr. Ripley). I am always * very worried * about the support. Now that spring is here physically and mentally (the epidemic is over!), I’m on a mission to make my dream dress come true! What styles are you seeing that could make a bigger bust? “

Yes, Maddie! We are happy to help! We headed for the great thing Katie Sturino – body adoption advocate, founder Megababeand the author of an upcoming book Body chat – Give her shopping advice.

First, Katie recommends finding a dress that is a bit stretchy so that the top can fit comfortably. She also likes lower necklines, like V-necks or turtlenecks. “Of course, wear a full-bodied peek skirt with large breasts if you want! But I’ve always liked to show some flesh, ”she said. That said, make sure that your separator is not too long. “If the V-neck is really deep and you have a split foot, you’re probably in a place where you’re not getting great support.” Katie’s ultimate tip? “You can always buy two sizes and retouch body parts,” she said. “It’s the best way to get something that suits you perfectly.”

Here are a few dresses that might fit the bill …

Think? What will you add?

PS Add reader’s shopping post, and 14 brands including our favorite sizes.

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