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Jordan Pickford’s plan to hold a wedding in the lavish Maldives falls victim to Covid AGAIN

Jordan Pickford goalkeeper Jordan Pickford’s lavish wedding with Megan Davison in the Maldives fell victim to the coronavirus epidemic once again.

They should have met in front of family and friends a year ago. But the first lock paid for it.


Jordan Pickford had to postpone his lavish wedding with Megan DavisonCredit: Instagram @megan_davison_

Everton star Jordan27 years old and childhood lover Megan24-year-old has tried to rearrange the miniature game over the past year but has not had the fun.

They had been hoping to leave after the Euro postponed in the summer – but gave up this year because of uncertainty over travel rules.

The couple has a son, Arlo, two years old, currently planning to have a baby in 2022.

In March of last year, they were formally married at an informal registrar ceremony – then Jordan made £ 100,000 a week wearing ripped jeans and a baseball cap.

Toffees, 27, and Megan were in hand five minutes late with his son Arlo, two, and just five guests.

Just 25 minutes later, they appeared as a newlywed couple, kissing while friends took a snapshot of the phone in Crewe, Cheshire.

Megan was Jordan's childhood sweetheart


Megan was Jordan’s childhood sweetheartCredit: Getty – Contributor
The couple officially married at an unofficial registration ceremony in March 2020


The couple officially got married at an unofficial registration office ceremony in March 2020Credit: Darren Fletcher – The Sun

Then last May Megan, 24, announced on Instagram: “We will get married in the morning.

“Well, we should be like that! Things happened a little bit already, Pete Tong, so here’s a point of our return on our legal registry office day because there’s bigger things going on in the world right now.

“You are worth the wait, my love @ jpickford1”.

And the loving couple now faces the prospect of waiting another year to get married in front of loved ones at the end of next year’s season.

Like Coleen and Wayne Rooney, Megan and Jordan have been together since they were teenagers when they met at St Robert of Newminster RC High School in Washington, Tyne and Wear.

After leaving school, Megan enrolled in a three-year course at the University of Sunderland.

The beloved couple is now facing the prospect of waiting another year to get married in the presence of friends and family.


The beloved couple is now facing the prospect of waiting another year to get married in front of friends and family.Credit: Refer to Footnotes

Pickford played for Preston North End in her first year, but the pair made their long-distance relationship a success with glamorous trips to Dubai and romantic weekends back home in Sunderland. .

When Megan graduated and Jordan was bought by Everton for £ 30 million in the summer of 2017, the couple took the next step and moved in together in Cheshire.

The couple bought a 5-bed mansion where they are surrounded by lavish bars, boutiques and luxury beauty salons.

Jordan Pickford dated childhood sweetheart Megan Davison in torn jeans and a baseball cap



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