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Justian Jafin launches a new collection with a theme pack

Life, Lucky and Loser, 100 x 100 cm, Acrylic on canvas, 2021

Indonesian artist Justian Jafin is holding his personal art exhibition from April 12 to 24. After his first solo presentation last year, Jafin is back with the work body. This time, the topic focuses on the idea of ​​”repackaging”.

Before diving deeper into this latest exhibition, we need to first understand the concepts surrounding Jafin’s new artworks. For collectors and art enthusiasts, Jafin’s art is often known for its sublime messages that reflect social problems, defining context is paramount in the allows an audience to relate these images to a broader context.

Still crazy after playing nothing, 100 x 100 cm, Acrylic on canvas, 2021

In one Previous interview with JafinThe artist mentions, “I use art as a means of solving common problems in society and extending them further as a reminder for my viewers to develop potential solutions. for these problems. ” More than just a decorative feature of a place, the purpose of the artwork is to stimulate the viewer to consider the status of the work. “I look beyond these ephemeral appearances and look at their perspective as a means of education and dissemination.”

Likewise for the exhibition taking place again at home, CG Art Space, Jafin created new pieces of art that he inspired by other famous artists. To “repack” what he saw, he used parody. Often times, when a person mentions a parody, the humorous idea comes to the fore but it is actually used to conclude, reevaluate, and critique other works of art, albeit in a way. lighter.

Too Happy, Too Nothing, 150 x 150 cm, Acrylic on the canvas, 2021

This pandemic is nothing like a maze and the purpose of artists like Jafin takes on the role of a guide, helping the wider audience to navigate and find meaning. In particular, Jafin wishes to highlight the burgeoning arts of Indonesia, which in recent years has begun to stand out and become a budding arts hub in the coming years.


Justian Jafin can be contacted via Instagram and [email protected]

CG Art Space Gallery featuring Justian Jafin’s work can be contacted via Instagram or [email protected]



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