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Justice Department secures settlements with CarMax, Axis – Press Releases

The Justice Department announced today that it has completed four additional settlements to resolve allegations that companies discriminated against non-US citizens by posting job listings with unlawful restrictions on citizenship status on college job hiring platforms. These four agreements complement those of the department recent settlements with 16 other companies to resolve similar claims in June 2022, bringing the total civil penalty for all 20 employers to over $1.1 million.

“With these four new settlements this year, the Department has now held 20 companies responsible for discriminating against students based on their citizenship status,” said Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. “The Department of Civil Rights is committed to enforcing the law to ensure job seekers — including lawful permanent residents, U.S. citizens, asylum seekers and refugees — are not unlawfully excluded from employment opportunities for which they are qualified.”

The department’s involvement in these matters began after a Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) student, who was then a lawful permanent resident, filed a discrimination complaint with the Immigrant and Labor Rights Division of the Civil Rights Department. The student’s complaint alleged that Capital One Bank restricted the opportunity for a paid internship to US citizens only when it posted the job on a Georgia Tech recruitment platform. During its investigation, the department learned of dozens of other employers with face-discriminatory ads posted on Georgia Tech’s job-recruiting platform, as well as other college platforms across the United States. The department launched investigations into the 20 employers it has already established with and continues to investigate additional employers.

The department’s investigation revealed that each of the four companies posted at least one job advertisement…

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