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Justina Blakeney’s house is as interesting and wonderful as you think

I definitely spent more time at home in COVID. I keep our spaces fresh by observing the flow of a space and transforming everything if things don’t happen naturally in a space.

I set up the home work area in our casita at the beginning of the pandemic and although the lighting in it was very good and the space was comfortable, colorful and inspiring, I noticed that it was a high traffic. areas that my whole family uses for a variety of purposes (School Zoom, outings, reading, jamming our devices, etc.), making it a bit difficult to concentrate in meetings, so I moved my office to one of the less frequent places than the used room in our home. It was the room where my daughter watched TV from time to time, but otherwise, it was a quiet place where I could concentrate and get work done more efficiently.

Convert everything also Makes a space feel fresh because you get energy in the room that moves and flows differently.



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