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Kabir Bedi, “Sandokan is one” – Tv

“Only one Sandokan! If Yaman succeeds? He’s good but the audience will judge him”: This is Kabir Bedi, the brilliant face of the beloved character also known as ‘Malaysian Tiger’.
In front of the microphone of “Live from Hollywood”, Pascal Vicedomini went live on social media and on the website “Los Angeles, Italia Festival” (scheduled between Chinese Theater in Hollywood and platforms Eventive.org and Mymovies. it with the support of MiC and Intesa Sanpaolo, in collaboration with Iervolino Entertainment, Rai Cinema and Rai Com), Kabir Bedi spoke for a long time about Can Yaman, the new protagonist of the series based on Emilio Salgari’s homophones. : “I have watched several series in which Turkish actor is the main character. I see him as good and will be more and more successful, but to confirm popularity the new Sandokan will be exclusive to the audience. the world as it happened to me, because of that interpretation, I was also called the antagonist of James Bond ”.
No recipe, nothing preset: for Kabir Bedi – now involved in the global launch of the autobiography that will soon come to Italy with Mondadori – the secret lies in relying on the right time and the way. handling, even if he believes in new technology for a great product. After that, there was no direct advice to Yaman, just a bittersweet note: “Sandokan cannot be recreated, it must have the same image in order to be remembered forever.” (HANDLING).


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