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Kate Garraway said it was ‘great’ to have her seriously ill husband Derek come home and he ‘remembers that I need to be flattered’

KATE Garraway said it was “amazing” that her seriously ill husband Derek came home and said that he “remembers that I need to be flattering”.

Host Good Morning Britain, 53, was welcomed recently Derek Draper returned home after fighting Covid in the hospital for more than a year.


Kate Garraway says it’s “great” to have Derek Draper home

Speaking with Adil Ray and Susanna Reid on Thursday, Kate revealed Derek has improved a lot since being reunited with his family.

She said: “It’s a worthy gigs. It’s not great to have Derek at home and a lot of positives, I think.

“And if those are the positives because it really helps his perception at home or is it because I’m there to see the little things.

“While I couldn’t participate before and we were on Facetime and everything. The feeling was those moments of positive reaction.”

Then, the mother of the two children said Derek even gave her a compliment – even though she hasn’t responded in the past year or so.

She continued: “He actually said something the day before. I walked the other morning before I got to Smooth, I said, ‘I go Smooth. [radio] now ‘, and he said,’ new dress’. That was amazing.

“I think it was great on many levels, because he realized it. Second, he realized to remember that I needed a lot of flattery.

“So there’s an emotional connection there. And some of the bases of our relationship are always based on. It’s just a little moment.

“But then there’s nothing. We’re going back to the middle moments, so many little moments. And, a very busy house now with a lot of professionals in and out.”

Kate apologized for talking about Derek at the beginning of the show, but Susanna spoke up in her defense.

“Never apologize for talking about it,” Susanna said. Your documentary has reached millions – seven million people have seen Finding Derek. And people are very caring, supportive, loving. “

“And I think it reflects a whole group of people going through this,” Kate replied.

“Not only people like Derek and Covid, but also all kinds of long-term diseases that families live with and their impact on family life. I think I got sick before, but now I got “

Kate Garraway touched fans with her touching story in ITV Documentary Films Looking for Derek.

Doctors say Derek was “fully affected” – meaning that his lungs, heart, kidneys, liver and pancreas were all attacked by Covid.

At worst, hospital staff feared Derek could be in a semi-vegetative state forever.

The Sun revealed that Kate – who was bravely keep working during most of her husband’s illness – spent thousands of pounds rebuilding their home for his return.

She also faces medical bills in the tens of thousands as Derek fights back to full fitness.

Kate has spent trillions of dong adjusting their home, where Derek is sleeping downstairs on a hospital bed, and will use a temporarily damp room to shower.



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