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Kosas Air Brow is filled with nourishing ingredients

Iwas very itchy with make my eyebrows thin, and a few weeks ago, I decided to jump in and do it myself. I like that look, but my eyebrows are a bit flimsy. I don’t lose any hairs, but the skin underneath them is dry and flaky. Even when the flaking subsided, I was wary of applying makeup to them, but it happened when Kosas launched his new eyebrow gel that same week, made with nourishing ingredients, I feel good putting them on my sensitive eyebrows.

Available in colored ($ 22) and ventilation Version ($ 22), Kosas Air Brow gel is the best eyebrow gel I’ve tried. The dyed version comes in 10 shades – including gray – making it easy to find the right tone for your hair color. It contains castor oil, which provides moisture and deeply nourishes the hair; vitamin B5, which helps restore eyebrows; biotinyl tripeptide to support healthier and fuller hair; and plant microfibers are biodegradable to create volume. The clear version removes castor oil and replaces it with hyaluronic acid to enhance hair strength and trehalose to hydrate and condition hair.

In addition to being good for your eyebrows, it’s also very nice. The formula is not too wet, the tube is sturdy and the tube removes a good amount of product when you pull it out. At first I found this somewhat annoying in the end. But over time I realize that it means you are using less product and it helps to control the application so that the product continues with eyebrow-like strokes instead of blobs. Of course, it doesn’t deliver the precision you can get with a pencil, but it’s much less wet and fluffy than other color gels on the market. When I want a super accurate look I use it Kosas Brow Pop Clean Dual-Action Defining Eyebrow Pencil ($ 22) also has 10 shades and contains castor oil and vitamin B5 and top with clear gel. I worked with these products, cycling and my eyebrows looked like their pigmentation when I first applied.

After losing lashes and eyebrows during pregnancy, Kosas founder Sheena Yaitanes Learned about the powerful benefits of castor oil and was inspired to create a stream of focus around the oil. “Every product we make at Kosas has to be comfortable and effective, while at the same time taking care of your skin – or your hair. So there is no doubt that as we begin to develop eyebrow formulas, each ingredient will be purposefully chosen to support this philosophy, ”she said. “We create each item in our collection to support every unique eyebrow shape and shape. Wear them alone or in layers to get your own favorite version of eyebrows.

I love these products more every time I use them. They make my eyebrows look amazing and keep them strong after my homemade eyelash transplant experience. Get ready to be impressed.

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