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Lalo The Don Releases New Single, ‘Y.O.L.A.N.D.A.’ – Press Releases

Lalo The Don has just announced the official drop of his latest single, ‘Y.O.L.A.N.D.A.’. This hot new single is already making waves, with fans and followers everywhere remarking on the originality of the track.

Lalo The Don is an up and coming hip hop artist whose collaborations have included Nicki Minaj and Jacki-O. He’s been featured in publications such as The Source Magazine and XXL and has thousands upon thousands of followers on Instagram. In 2017, he worked with Yolanda Jourdan for his ‘Boricuas in the Mist’ music video. Just a few short years later, the iconic trailblazer died. She left a massive following behind in the wake of her death, a huge fanbase who have diligently paid homage to the human rights advocate in a number of ways since her passing.

Lalo The Don wanted to pay tribute to Jourdan with an artistic piece featuring her signature dance moves and style, and that’s what he’s captured in ‘Y.O.L.A.N.D.A.’.
The new single is now available with the rest of Lalo The Don’s music on all digital music platforms including Apple, iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. –

Right now, Lalo The Don is working on the upcoming release of his highly anticipated third album, ‘Til The Break of Don’. More information can be found at https://www.instagram.com/LaloTheDonOfficial/.

About Lalo The Don

Lalo The Don is a published photographer, recording artist, writer, director, actor, and former pro wrestler.

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