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Leaders call for updates to New Jersey’s cannabis law to allow police to notify parents of minors caught with bottles – CBS New York

NEW JERSEY (CBSNewYork) – Call for updates New Jersey’s recently passed cannabis law Parents will therefore be notified if their children are caught in possession of pot or alcohol – and therefore, the police will not be held criminally responsible for their interactive behavior.

Leaders come ashore hold an event on Saturday to educate the public about the new law under which police are not allowed to contact the parents of children caught using or possessing marijuana or alcohol for the first time, CBS2’s Meg Baker reported.

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“The word on the ballot that those parents voted for just said, ‘Do you legalize adult marijuana?’ It doesn’t say, ‘Are you going to give up your parental rights?’ Or, “Do you want the police to be criminally liable?” Point Pleasant Beach Major Paul Kanitra.

Joe Michigan, sheriff at Point Pleasant Beach, said: “Basically legalizing the use of marijuana and alcohol to minors, and it will create all kinds of problems here,” said Joe. Michigan, Sheriff at Point Pleasant Beach.

It will be difficult to determine if it is the minor’s first offense if the police are unable to detain them for questioning.

The Michigan sheriff said other factors caused the officers to be tied up. For example, an officer charged with detaining a person for longer than is necessary to investigate the complaint could face prison sentences and high fines.

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Michigan, who also serves as the president of the Ocean County Sheriff’s Association, said: “If my officers start investigating a minor because of the odor, they will be criminally charged with deprivation people.

“Whenever a policeman has sexual intercourse with a young person, they are putting themselves in danger of being charged with a criminal offense, just the tiniest detention,” said State Senator Declan O’Scanlon (R).

O’Scanlon introduced a bill to change these debts and allowed the police to contact the parents and interrogate the minor without fear of trouble.

This is of particular concern in communities of color. Governor Phil Murphy has been told over and over again that cannabis has been prized for social justice.

Asked last week, Murphy said he favored updating the bill to allow parents to be informed.

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CBS2’s Meg Baker contributed to this report.



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