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Legal cleaning tips and tricks make me love cleaning

GPaddle up, Sunday is dedicated to cleaning, which really means I half-heartedly “tidy up” (emphasis on quotes) while my mom follows me up with the real work. This unhappy look has followed me through my teens through countless apartments and straight to where I am now: my first bedroom with my boyfriend… and two kittens.

And that’s when my cleaning problem finally caught up with me. Problem? I was so overwhelmed with where to start, I ended up scrolling on TikTok (or really, doing anything else) just to avoid it. But somehow, I have friends (even my boyfriend and mom!) Who seem to find a sense of calm in the cleaning. Can I become one of these people? Is it possible?

To find out, I contacted Irene Mantakounis, global vice president of deep cleaning at BISSELL Homecare Inc., for all cleaning tips and tricks. “To make spring cleaning workable on your own schedule, I recommend breaking down your projects into smaller tasks,” says Mantakounis. “You’ll be amazed at how fun a house cleaning is, especially when you can take a step back to appreciate your efforts.”

Do the side quest smaller than the side quest? Great. The main tip of Mantakounis, however, is hoarding tools that make the process less intimidating. “For example, BISSELL® ProHeat 2X® Revolution® Pet Pro carpet washing machine is a convenient machine that can forcefully deep clean carpets, area rugs and fabrics that surround your home, ”she said. (* Added to holiday favorites list before nine months *.)

And believe me: Beyond the basics, deep cleaning All the luxurious surfaces in your home are truly a must, especially if you live with two small pliers. Take a look at all the advice Mantakounis made that made me a person – waiting for it – deep cleaning my apartment regularly and, ahem, enjoy it.

Keep scrolling for more expert-assisted cleaning tips and tricks that have turned me into a semi-regular deep cleaner.

1. Change your mindset

To begin with, I had to scrutinize my reluctance to clean up my space – and realize it resembled my usual attitude before training. Do I feel like it at the moment? Not really. But did it make me feel great afterward and At the same time benefits for my health? Right.

Entering the cleanup days, knowing how good you’ll feel after that not only makes the work pass, but also encourages you to clean (not “clean”), so you can reflect and hit. Expect your hard work upon completion (think endorphins, Everyone!). Vacuuming, disinfecting, carpet cleaning – it doesn’t matter where you start, just do it.

Note that one of Mantakounis’ first actionable cleaning tips and tricks is set aside. reality Your time of day is dedicated to cleaning. When your calendar is blocked, she recommends moving clutter and furniture out of the aisle so that you have open space to handle your to-dos. This method works from one worrying anti-cleaning agent to another.

2. Smarter cleaning, not harder

If you, like me, think “deep cleaning” just means more vigorous rubbing, you probably didn’t know the super useful power of stain and odor removal recipes – which makes the effort You go ten times further to get the return it deserves.

First things first, before using the carpet washer, you should check out a few quick steps. Start with a vacuumuming, this will wash away dirt and debris from your carpet. Next, pre-treat noticeable spots, stains, and areas with high traffic. The PET PRO OXY Stain Destroyer for carpets and upholstery crowd favorite for super hard stains removal (ahem, even red wine).

Now you are ready for a deep cleaning. For Revolution® Pet Pro carpet washing machine you can choose Stains & odors of pets + Antibacterial formula – which Mantakounis says removes 90% of odor-causing bacteria – or PET PRO OXY urine removal machine, strong enough to eliminate the stench of skunk. If you have cats, I just found your new BFF.

As for the technique: “I recommend starting at the opposite corner of the door to give yourself an escape route and avoid having to walk through wet carpets,” Mantakounis said. After a one pass in your space (with the trigger pressed down), Mantakounis suggests making another pass without releasing any carpet cleaning solution to allow the vacuum to vacuum the remaining contaminants and formula. One final note: Take your time as you travel through your space – Mantakounis recommends counting to two for every step you take.

3. Clap + appreciate

After the cleaning is done (you can believe how Not Scary the process is really?), sit back and let your space and breathe by yourself – and if you have just cleaned the carpet, let them dry. Oh, and by the way, there’s something weird about dumping all the dirty water out of the tank so it can then easily become your new ASMR.

Now the important part: celebrating the victory over the complete self-care you just gave yourself. To me it looked like relaxing to a couch snack with my kittens and immersed in pure relaxation as soon as a mission was completed. all missons. Do I dare to call myself a cleaner? Maybe. You read here first, mom.



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