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Leopardi’s Infinite Videopoesia, mentioned specifically in Spain – Books – Poetry

Giacomo Leopardi’s Videopoetry L’Infinito signed by Simone Massi, one of the greatest animation directors, with the narrative voice of Neri Marcorè, received a special mention from the jury at ‘Short Film of the Year’ ‘, Spanish Short Film Festival 25-year-old films recently. The award will allow L’Infinito to immediately participate in 50 Festivals around the world.

One-and-a-half minutes – with Stefano Sasso’s soundtrack, Julia Gromskaya filming, and Lola Capote’s post-production – in which stories and present, people and animals, experience and instincts intertwine. “I am delighted that this recognition will allow L’Infinito to ‘travel’ to festivals of 50 countries. When I commissioned the work, I was delighted to learn that La Punta della Lingua festival and the city of Recanati Massi talked about me to shape Leopardi’s Infinity, and he added: “I tried to separate myself from the text and tell a little story in the story, to let the confusion arise. and the overflowing vision that the text still evokes today, two hundred years later. “

Originally from Pergola, in the Marche region, Massi won the 2012 David di Donatello award for best short film and two Silver Ribbons in 2014 and 2015. In his works, he doesn’t use a computer. do everything by hand, on paper, through the use of pencils, graphite, chalk, pastel, graphite, and ink. He also developed a technique “to make oil chalk spread on paper and then scratch with a dry pen and other engraving tools”.

The work is commissioned by the City of Recanati, co-produced by Nie Wiem, a non-profit creative business, publisher and film producer. The video poem ‘L’Infinito’ is also the main character of the 10th International Supertoon Animation Festival, in Šibenik, Croatia, and is the only Italian opera to represent Italy at the Hiroshima International Animation Festival 18th time.


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