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Letta met Conte about the alliance and locked the group leaders – Politics

Enrico Letta opened his “welcome” with the M5s, meeting Giuseppe Conte for over an hour. Face to face is used to initiate a dialogue about alliances, primarily administrative alliances. Letta and Conte intend to meet almost periodically. They will have time. Secretary Pd concludes the chapter on leading the group, bringing home the appearance of a woman both in the Chamber and in the Palazzo Madama.

The president of senators, Andrea Marcucci, called a press conference to announce a step backwards and pointed out Simona Malpezzi as his “heir”. “I don’t like this approach,” said Marcucci. In the room, however, the games are not yet over and voting could be postponed early next week, even if Debora Serracchiani, who is ‘voting’ with Marianna Madia, appears to be very positive to Replaces Graziano Delrio. Letta’s day begins with the first meeting of the new secretariat to establish a method of working. While the afternoon, the secretary dem met with the President of the Senate, Elisabetta Casellati. The confrontation between Conte and Letta takes place tomorrow morning. “A construction site is opening up” – they both say – first of all administratively, which the Pd secretary explained as a test of the coalition’s vision of policies. For Conte, “whoever goes alone is ineffective”. However, the alliance will need a lot of work. At the national level, Letta is moving towards a broad left center of dialogue with the M5s. But combining Renzians and pentastellate together will not be easy. And then there’s the Rome issue, with the M5s backing Virginia Raggi and the Democrats looking for their own candidates. The name of former Finance Minister Roberto Gualtieri has been mentioned, but Nicola Zingaretti will also be on the pitch, even if he continues to deny.

After that, the theme of “election law” remained the same. Even if the visibility is different: Letta wants the majority, the M5s are proportional. However, Conte and Letta showed satisfaction with the meeting. Secretary Pd wrote on Twitter as “very positive,” when it came to “two ex-lovers, the two of them threw themselves, almost simultaneously, into a fascinating new adventure”. The meeting was “very helpful,” Conte commented. At home, Letta scored one point. In the morning, senators vote on the new team leader. Marcucci posed a challenge to the secretary: “There needs to be consistency, I want to see the mayoral candidates in administration, I hope that there are many candidates out there and there is no veto over one. female secretary”. But then he stepped aside, asking Simona Malpezzi to unanimously vote.

“It would be great – the senator said – if among the first signatures of my candidate there were the women of the group.” Reviews from different parts of the party don’t suggest that there will be a surprise tomorrow. She is the same as Marcucci, from the present Reform Facility, the former Renzians. She will have to leave her position as Deputy Minister of Relations with Congress. With that role, Caterina Bini is in extreme position, but Caterina Biti’s name is also in circulation, both senators, both from Base Riformista. In short, the internal balance should not change: the negotiations with Letta were followed by Luca Lotti, the current leader. For Chamber, as well as Debora Serracchiani, Marianna Madia’s name is on the pitch. If it now seems more likely that Serracchiani will be selected, the two boxes will remain blank, as he is the party vice chairman and the chairman of the Labor Committee. Dem would have the numbers to maintain the commission’s leadership, but it was unlikely that they would run the risk of losing it, in case balancing problems between different forces arose. If Senate voting is scheduled for tomorrow morning, the vote for the new group leader in the House of Representatives could come next week. Reading will still be at the delegate conference, convened to continue the debate that began yesterday.



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