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Letta: ‘Strongly in favor of ius soli and stigmatization of homosexuals’ – Politics

“I have heard: but how, there is a pandemic and you are talking about Ius Soli and ddl Zan? The right issue is fundamental today and tomorrow, it is a topic of modern times in the land. We will continue to fight on these issues with great power. ”The Secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, said this, talking about ius soli.

Democrats “will not be the party of power. If in elections”, we will be sent to the opposition, we will resist and reborn. Normally the Democrats are linked with the powerful party and the system, we will be no more, we will be the party of the people, “said the Secretary of the Democratic Party.

Our members and members must be given the central role and that is the only condition of a lively party.. The party I want to propose is a party in it Members will be the heart, because they will decide big issues, as is happening today with vademecum.. If a person registers, it counts, he will be in a community where his voice will count, ”explained Letta.

“Our strength is this: facilities, clubs, members, participation in territories. Others have built parties on charismatic leadership, we are different. We are and must be the party of collective intelligence, this is the real difference between us and others.We bet on the fact that collective intelligence is better than charisma and leadership multiply “.

“Democratic Agora will be a path that will go from July 1 to December 31 – the Secretary of the Democratic Party said – six months of discussion will reach all circles, will also open for non-party people, to discuss democracy and the party, concrete decisions and ideas about our future “.

“The election plays out as a key test for building a winning political coalition for the 2023 election. For us, they will participate. For me, the road is child. By the way, I’m always against secret room agreements. Primary voting is always an energy boost. “



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