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‘Lettura Day’, at the beginning of the first edition organized by Adei – Libri – Other Suggestions

The inauguration of the ‘Lettura Day’, appointments and events related to reading aloud, are organized by the Association of Independent Publishers-Adei.
Every Thursday, starting April 22, with the launch of the initiative and the website, we will be reading together in an extensive party. And to commemorate the project’s birth, which will run until September 2021, on Friday April 23rd, on World Book Day, a wonderful digital party has been planned. from 5 pm, with connections and interference from different locations. Classic readings, pop music, studio and street, from Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona to Santa Croce in Florence, from recording studios to bookstores in Rome and Turin. Alessandro Barbero, Marco Ardemagni and Pino Insegno confirmed their presence. Also expected is the Oskar red carpet of the book created by the Rome Library, which will be set for the opening day of Lettura Day.
Everyone can take part in this wonderful spacious celebration. It is important to engage by reading aloud to others, choosing your favorite book or relying on chance. And if you want to share, even better: just post it on social media with the hashtag #letturaday. Those wanting to reach a wider audience can book an appointment on the website www.letturaday.it, which will gather initiatives.
Special attention will be given to Dante, 700 years after his death. The Supreme Poet’s verses will have a dual voice, the voice of Catalan actress Silvia Bel, in the Gothic S. Maria del Mar church in Barcelona, ​​which she will read in Catalan (first with Divine Comedy) and by Italian actor Marcello Prayer, at Santa Croce cemetery in Florence, produced and edited by Testo / Pitti Immagine.
Marco Zapparoli, president of Adei emphasized: “The day Lettura was born from Adei but is open to everyone. (HANDLING).


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