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Lionel Virgile Threw Bleach in officer face, throwing Molotov cocktail at other officers in Brooklyn – CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) A Connecticut man was arrested Saturday after being accused of throwing bleach on one NYPD face the officer and toss a flaming Molotov cocktail at the other person.

It happened around 8am in the morning Brooklyn.

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The incident started early Saturday morning when police dragged a 44-year-old man through a red light in Claredon Street and Pudong 45 areas in East Flatbush.

That was when the police said the man threw bleach in the officer’s face before speeding up.

A few minutes later, not far away, other officers stopped near the corner of 54th Street and Snyder Avenue. Then, the suspect is said to have thrown the lamp Molotov tail cup because of them.

Bottles were thrown out of the NYPD and burst as they plunged into the street.

The suspect once again accelerated, just to crash. Then he was arrested.

At that time, officers had discovered three more Molotov cocktails in his car.

The suspect has been identified as Lionel Virgile, from Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Many people in the vicinity said they were disturbed by the attacks.

“I think it’s very sad. The police officers are here to protect us and keep us safe, ”one person told CBS2’s Kiran Dhillon.

“I do not like it. I don’t like violence, ”said another.

“This is crazy. I’ve never heard of this, ”said one woman. “We’ve been living here since the 90s, and it has never been this crazy… If I’m doing the same job, I shouldn’t be in danger. No, absolutely not. “

“No problem, every officer is an individual and that particular case, it’s an individual and he’s just stopping traffic, so in that particular case, no, that shouldn’t be. happened, ”said another woman.

Commissioner of NYPD Dermot Shea responded to the incident on Twitter, one part said: “Here’s another reminder of how quickly the situation could change. [and] The dangers that your cops face everyday while they are guarding [New Yorkers]. “

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Meanwhile, the Police Compassionate Association is also reacting, sending a safety warning to its members, saying in part: “Don’t be mistaken: this is the environment in which elected officials of we have created. This is the violent behavior that their anti-police rhetoric has inspired.

Retired NYPD Sergeant Johnny Nunez agrees.

“The political rhetoric going on all around, I think it’s a dangerous thing going on right now,” he said. “You’re talking about a Molotov cocktail, talking about a liquid, a chemical that can deform someone.”

The officer who was thrown chemicals in the face was taken to a local hospital, where he was treated for minor facial injuries and blurred vision.

No other officers were injured in this incident.

Fees against Virgile are pending.

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CBS2’s Kiran Dhillon contributed to this report.



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