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LIVE European Super League: Real Madrid vs Chelsea can be ENJOY


Jesse Lingard emotionally admitted that he had struggled to deal with his mother’s depression and was forced to seek help from Manchester United’s doctors during his darkest days.

The revived British tennis player, 28, shared about his mother’s mental health battle in a brutal honest interview, admitting it affected him on and off the pitch.

Credit: YouTube / Presentation

Speaking to YouTube Presenting’s new program, Lingard admitted: “When you’re young, seeing your mother go through such things, you don’t logically understand it.

“You don’t know what she’s going through. She would say ‘I’m depressed, I’m depressed.’

“But I, as a kid, you don’t know what that means. You just go out, play ball, play soccer, do your own thing.

“But she stays in bed most of the time, the curtains close, she’s going through it. This is when I was a kid, like 12 years old.

“It feels like you’re not that person, I feel I’m not Jesse Lingard. Even in football matches, I feel the game goes by me, like I don’t want to be there – it was crazy.

“I could see myself playing but watching the game, I just thought it wasn’t me, that’s not how I played.”



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