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Live update as Prince Philip dies at the age of 99 and the heartbreaking Queen pays homage

PRINCE PHILIP – Honesty, I love it

Royal historian Robert Lacey of Prince Philip said: “The way he survived in the British monarchy is to become his own man, and that is a source of support for the queen.

“All her life she was surrounded by men who said, ‘yes ma’am’ and he was someone who always told her what it really was like, or at least he saw it as How come, “he added.

Many Britons appreciate what they see as his tendency to speak his mind, while others criticize behavior they consider to be offensive and out of place.

For example, in 1995, he asked a Scottish driving instructor: “How can a native not drink long enough to pass a test?” Seven years later in Australia, while visiting Aboriginal people with the queen, he asked: “Are you still throwing spears at each other?”

Many believe that his penchant for speaking his mind means he has given the Queen the necessary, unprepared advice.



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