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Lo Spiraglio Film Festival, awarded to Santamaria – Cinema

ROME – The Lo Spiraglio Fondazione Roma Solidale Onlus Award went to actor Claudio Santamaria, an annual award given to a filmmaker who has been exceptionally outstanding in his commitment to mental health issues, on the last evening of November 19 he published the Spiraglio Film Mental Health Festival, hosted by Asl Roma 1 and Roma Capitale in Maxxi from April 15-18. Art Franco Montini and scientific director Federico Russo – proposed eight feature films and 18 award-winning short films, with panoramic views, respect, courage and attention to audiences increasingly sensitive to health issues. mental health.

These are the final awards, appointed by a jury of Ester De Bustamante, Laura Luchetti, Mauro Mancini, Andrea Narracci and Lidia Ravera. A 1,000 euro Jorge Garcia Badaracco – Maria Elisa Miter Foundation award for best feature film was awarded to Alessandra Rossi and Mario Maellaro’s ‘No Noise’, which tells a little-known story about the disgrace and suffering that Italians emigrated in Switzerland. is the victim. Mention for the feature films was attributed to Alessandro Tosatto and Andrea Battistuzzi, a feature film investigating the state of children’s neurological services in Italy belonging to ‘How are the boys’.

“Fausto Antonucci” prize worth 1,000 euros for best short film “Joy” by Nour Gharbi, a small film about a true story that becomes a testament to pain but also its ability to heal and redeem. . The short film mentions ‘I have all time you want’ by Francesco Falaschi: an educator trying to shake a boy from the social isolation he always closes.

Samifo Award (in first edition, for best depiction and telling of aspects related to migration, multiculturalism and diversity) to ‘The Bourgeois of Calas, frontier last ‘by Jesús Armesto. A special jury mention was given to Luca Esposito’s ‘Paper Boat’, a short film chosen “for the intensity, its communicative ability and the symbolic language in which the story in the film develops” .


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