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Locking new COVIDs around the world as vaccine efforts crash | News about the pandemic coronavirus

Tens of millions of people from India to Argentina have adopted new closures and curfews as COVID-19 infections rise again and vaccine deployment is hampered by shortages and concerns about effects. extra.

In India, the state of Maharashtra is the hardest hit out of vaccine as the health system endured the weight of the epidemic that killed 2.9 million people worldwide.

Off guard with mass religious festivals, political protests and spectators at cricket matches, the world’s second most populous country has added more than a million new infections since late March.

Every weekend, from Saturday through the end of April, 125 million people of Maharashtra will be held indoors unless traveling or shopping for food or medicine.

The home stay order also went into effect for Bogota’s eight million residents, as the Colombian capital faced a third wave of infections, adding to a curfew that had covered seven million people in four. Another big city.

Argentina starts its night curfew on Friday, lasting from midnight to 6am every day until April 30.

It will take effect in the highest risk areas of the country, mainly urban centers, where bars and restaurants will close at 11 p.m.

Argentina and Colombia have recorded about 2.5 million coronavirus infections, a figure surpassing only Brazil in the region.

The whole of France was subject to restrictions of some kind, while the German government’s efforts to limit movement and trade were hampered by a number of countries that refused to implement the proposals.

Now, Berlin is changing its rules to centralize power, adjustments that could lead to a curfew at night, and some schools closing in particularly difficult areas.

But some countries are in the process of opening up.

Italy was set to end next week’s shutdown on Lombardy, the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, and several other regions with improved infectivity statistics.

Neighboring Slovenia announced it would ease coronavirus restrictions and suspend a six-month curfew starting on Monday.

Release is not stable

As in India, the European rollout of the stuttering vaccine ran into hurdles on Friday as European Union regulators said they were looking into side effects of a Johnson & Johnson injection. and France further restrict the use of the AstraZeneca injection.

France has repeatedly changed the regulations on the AstraZeneca vaccine, first due to doubts about its effectiveness, then out of concerns that it could be linked to blood clots.

The World Health Organization says “there are no adequate data” to support the conversion of COVID-19 vaccine between doses.

As for the J&J injection case, the European Pharmaceutical Authority said four “severe cases” of abnormal blood clots were reported – one of which was fatal – with the vaccine for public use. Turmeric is similar to AstraZeneca.

The US Food and Drug Administration said it found no causal link between the sting site and the blood clot, but noted “some individuals” in the country had blood clots and urine output. low blood demand after vaccination and investigation is ongoing.

Both injections are approved for use in the European Union but the J&J vaccine has yet to hit the market and various EU countries have discontinued or restricted use of AstraZeneca.

An AstraZeneca spokesman said half of its vaccine shipments to the EU would be delayed this week.

In Brazil, the Senate has said it will open an investigation into how the government will handle the pandemic, as President Jair Bolsonaro continues to oppose the close-off measures even with COVID deaths- 19 at a new record level.

On Friday, however, Rio de Janeiro reversed restrictions that had been in place for two weeks, reopening restaurants and bars, even though the city’s popular beaches remained closed.



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