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Logan Paul was SURPRISED at WrestleMania 37 as Kevin Owens dropped sensation on YouTube after he beat Sami Zayn

YOUTUBE star Logan Paul was eliminated by Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 37 after the WWE superstar beat Sami Zayn in a tense match.

Paul attended WrestleMania as Zayn’s special guest and stood in the corner of the Great Liberator during his fight against Owens at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.



After an incredible back-and-forth encounter, KO was won thanks to a devastating Stunner.

Paul entered the ring after the bell to congratulate the winner, but Zayn was not kind to that gesture.

The former NXT champion started yelling at the YouTube star, who quickly ate enough and eventually pushed the professional wrestler down to the ring.

Zayn left in a state of anger while Paul grabbed Owens’ arm in front of the crowd.

25,000 fans attended WrestleMania did not warm YouTuber’s heart during the meeting.

Paul suffered a series of boos and negative chants from wrestlers on the second night of Showcase of the Immortals.

Owens seemed to agree WWE Universe and that is why he hands over another Stunner to former Vine star.

Paul sold the finish line perfectly while the former Universal champion stood over him and shouted, “This is my ring”.


There are currently no other plans to include YouTuber in WWE programming in the near future.

So a match between potential celebrities involving Paul, who is also a boxer, as well as Owens or Zayn is not currently being made.

Chaos when Raymond James Stadium was evacuated following a weather warning less than an hour before WWE Wrestlemania 37 began



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