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Louis Vuitton can do it again! Throw an airplane-shaped bag for nearly 800,000 pesos and people have fun online

“You can buy a real plane for a lot cheaper,” wrote one user.

April 15, 2021

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Louis Vuitton fashion house once again caught the eye of Internet users. Now part of the Fall Winter 2021 collection, it’s out there an airplane-shaped bag for a modest $ 39,000, or nearly 800,000 pesos.

Controversial accessory designed by Virgil Abloh , is part of a new collection to be inspired by “Tourist vs. purist” . Creator Abloh told Vogue in January, “A tourist is an avid traveler who wants to see the Eiffel Tower Tower when they arrived in Paris. While the purist is one who knows everything about everything ”.

Photo: Louis Vuitton

Although it went on sale in January, it’s now gaining attention. The expensive bag was posted on Twitter by Saint pages, according to Fox News . The image shows the four engines and two wings giving a great resemblance to a conventional commercial jet. While we don’t know how many wallets can hold, the final design is still unique. However, the cost of this makes social media fiercely criticized.

One user wrote: “You can buy a real plane for a much cheaper price. He attached a picture of a 1968 Cessna 150 single-engine airplane that cost $ 32,300 (actually lower than the Louis Vuitton wallet).

Another user commented: “At least it can fly? No, but what is this serious about? Another insisted that he would “feel like a fool” when wearing accessories. While another joked that he was happy, because “ridiculous” does not kill people.

Photo: Louis Vuitton, Instagram

And you, what will you do with that money?



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