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Louisiana state government turnover rate tops 17% last year – Hub News Report

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Louisiana state government agencies lost more than 17% of their civil service employees in the last financial year.

Byron Decoteau, director of State Civil Service, said the turnover rate was nearly 2 percentage points higher in the 2020-21 budget year that ended June 30 than in the previous year.

More than 6,000 civil service workers left state government in the latest year, including 21% who retired. Other employees were laid off, died, moved, left to go to school, got private sector jobs or had other personal reasons, according to the report Decoteau presented to the commission that oversees the state workers who have civil service protection, called classified employees.

The highest turnover rates were among prison guards at adult and youth prison facilities, the report showed, a consistent problem year after year.

Decoteau noted that 10% of classified state employees currently are eligible to retire across agencies, while nearly 15% will be eligible to retire within five years.

The data doesn’t cover political appointees across agencies or workers who transferred to other state government jobs.

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