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There are many things that can cause low levels of testosterone in women, such as menopause, aging, and problems with the ovaries or the pituitary or adrenal glands. So how can you increase levels of testosterone in women?

There are some ways you can boost your level of this hormone naturally. In this article we will discuss how to raise female testosterone production, why women would want to raise their T hormone levels – and what steps should be taken and which supplements help with the process.

How Low Testosterone Levels in Women Can be Improved

Women produce much of their testosterone in the Ledydig cells in their ovaries. Several factors including aging and disease can decrease female testosterone production, causing weak bones and many other problems. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder, adrenal insufficiency and weight gain are other symptoms of low testosterone in women.

Thankfully, there are several things women can do to increase testosterone production.

Why Would a Woman Want a Higher Testosterone level?

There are two main reasons.

  1. To balance hormones to help combat health conditions
  2. To enhance physique, build muscle and increase strength

Supplements are an effective and quick solution to both of the above reasons.

Testosterone Booster Supplements for Women

There are dozens of T-boosting supplements on the market. Most of them are aimed at men, obviously, as men make up 90% of the market. There is no reason why women cannot use these products. The opposite is true in the weight loss market – where most products are aimed at the female marketplace – but this doesn’t exclude men from using.

Women want to increase their testosterone levels because either they need to – or they want to. The need is covered in this article in great detail, this is due to conditions (postmenopausal women, hormone replacement therapy). The other other group is women who want more testosterone if they are keen bodybuilders and want increased muscle mass.

Here are the best T boosters for each group.

  • TESTOPRIME – Best Supplement for Women with Low Testosterone.

TestoPrime is a naturally formulated supplement suitable for anyone over the age of 18 that suffers from testosterone deficiency.

You will have to look past the male centric web copy – as the product has a larger male customer base.

TestoPrime is arguably the most effective and efficient product of its ilk. It has lots of clinical data to enforce its claims. At the bottom of the official website there are 18 points of reference to clinical studies.

This is the most suitable, most effective and safest testosterone supplement for men.

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  • TESTO MAX – For Women Who Want a More Muscular Physique.

Testo Max is part of the Crazy Bulk bodybuilding supplement range. It is a more edgy product that delivers top end of testosterone treatment benefits. 

It is classed as a legal steroid but doesn’t actually contain any steroidal substance.

If you want to gain muscle mass, strength and lose body fat then Testo Max is the supplement for you.

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Why Women Need Testosterone

Although testosterone is the male sex hormone levels, women produce a small amount of it in their bodies as well and it plays a surprisingly important role in maintaining female good health.

Women need adequate testosterone levels to sustain bone density, support muscle growth, and maintain healthy brain function.

A few of the other roles the male sex hormone plays in a woman’s body include:

  • Supporting energy production
  • Improving mood
  • Supporting memory
  • Assisting metabolic function and fat burning
  • Helps to provide a healthy sex drive
  • Helps postmenopausal women
  • Regulates menstrual cycle
  • Addresses androgen deficiency

Lifestyle Changes That Can Increase Testosterone in Women

The things men do to improve testosterone levels and production work equally well for women. Many of the changes that raise female testosterone levels are lifestyle-related and, in addition to boosting hormone production, will help support general good health.

Lift Weights to Increase Low Testosterone Levels

Research shows lifting weights can improve testosterone levels in women and men. This type of resistance training is also good for improving muscle tone and muscle mass – and provides the classic beach body so many women crave. It can also help to reduce body fat.

Several studies have explored the way resistance training can influence how much testosterone women produce in their bodies. The results of one of them suggest  this type of exercise may increase free testosterone levels by as much as 25 percent. 

Go Running or Do Sports to Boost Testosterone

Lifting weights is not the only type of exercise that can favorably influence testosterone levels and  hormone production. Many other athletic pursuits, such as running and sports, can do it too.

A lot of the studies evaluating the way exercise affects hormone production were conducted on men. However, a number of studies were women-only or had participants of both sexes.

The results of one women-only study involving treadmill activity show prolonged aerobic exercise produced short-term elevations in testosterone. 

Avoid Stress (Or Control It)

Stress can reduce testosterone in men and women so, where possible, it’s best to avoid people and situations that cause it.

During periods of stress, your body starts producing extra cortisol (stress hormone). High cortisol can have a lot of undesirable effects on the female body. One of the things it can do is cause irregular periods.

Your body produces cortisol from one of the same precursors it needs to manufacture testosterone. So, when the demand for cortisol increases, your body may not have enough of one of the raw ingredients that are necessary to make testosterone.

If you cannot avoid the things that cause stress, you need to control it. There are many ways you can do this but certain ones may work better for some women than they do for others.

For instance, some women like to de-stress at the gym. Others prefer to take a leisurely stroll. Yoga and mediation are also good for calming the mind. So are music, painting, and other artistic pursuits.

It’s also a good idea to get plenty of sleep. Constantly trying to burn the candle at both ends increases cortisol and stress.

If you find it hard to get to sleep, a cup of chamomile tea may help. The herb ashwagandha may be doubly useful because, as well as aiding sleep, it reduces anxiety and stress.

Food & Nutrients That Can Boost Low Testosterone in Women

Several nutrients have a role to play in testosterone production including B vitamins, Vitamin D, zinc, and magnesium. Eating foods that provide Omega-3 fatty acids is another good way to boost testosterone.

Some of the best testosterone-boosting foods are:

  • Eggs (Vitamin B6, Vitamin D, and Omega-3)
  • Almonds and pumpkin seeds (magnesium + zinc)
  • Spinach, kale, and other leafy greens (Vitamin B6 + magnesium)
  • Salmon, mackerel, and sardines (Omega-3 and Vitamin D)
  • Kidney Beans (B vitamins, magnesium, zinc)

Vitamin D and zinc are often considered to be two of the most important testosterone boosting nutrients. A lot of the best testosterone boosting supplements contain one of them. Most contain both.

In addition to boosting testosterone levels, getting plenty of Vitamin D and zinc also enhances immune function. Many people take these vitamins in pill form for that reason, often combining them with Vitamin C.

Natural Ingredients That Increase Low Testosterone In Women

Several herbs and plants provide compounds that can stimulate increased testosterone levels. The best of them are often combined in testosterone-boosting supplements but many of them, such as ashwagandha and ginseng can be purchased in concentrated form in capsules and pills.


Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is a popular adaptogen herb that’s a mainstay of traditional Indian medicine and has now become a popular herbal supplement all over the world.

The herb appears to boost testosterone production by stimulating the release of extra luteinizing hormone (a fore-runner to testosterone). However, Ashwagandha is possibly more famous for its ability to reduce stress.

In addition to being a key player in many products that boost testosterone, Ashwagandha is often added to beauty products because its ability to support increases in collagen production helps beautify the skin from the inside out.

Most of the best supplements provide Ashwagandha as KSM 66. This is a patented extract that provides Ashwagandha in a consistently potent form.

Panax Ginseng

Traditional Chinese healers hold ginseng in high regard for its versatility as a medicinal herb. The Chinese also believe ginseng is a herb that can extend life.

People living in the west are also becoming increasingly aware of the herb’s curative abilities but often have greater interest in its reputation as an aphrodisiac.

People often use ginseng supplements to increase sexual desire. Some of its prowess as a libido booster appears to be due to its ability to boost testosterone but most of the studies that show this were conducted on men.

But can it do the same for women? The results from a study conducted at the University of Edinburgh suggest that it may. However, it appears women who are older may attain the greatest level of benefit. 

Green Tea

Green tea provides potent antioxidants that help the body get rid of toxins, encourage fat loss, and may help prevent aging. These antioxidants (green tea catechins) are only present in green tea.

One of the most important catechins in green tea, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) also helps to maintain circulating testosterone levels by preventing it from being converted to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).


Most women are familiar with fenugreek. It’s a very popular Indian cooking herb. Some women may also have noticed fenugreek listed as an ingredient in some of their cosmetic products because it’s sometimes used in facial toners and cleansers and similar products that aim to provide glowing, healthy skin.

However, fenugreek is very versatile and is associated with many health benefits, some of which are probably related to its ability to raise female testosterone levels.


Pomegranate is nutritious, tasty, and very good for your health. The ellagic acid it provides cleans the arteries and helps improve circulation. This removes unnecessary strain from the heart.

Research from 2012 suggests pomegranate extracts are also good for boosting testosterone levels and, like several other natural testosterone boosting ingredients, pomegranate provides antioxidants that can help improve the look of your skin.

Low Testosterone in Women Summary

Women may not require as much testosterone as men do but they still need it – women produce testosterone but not as much as men. It helps keep their bones strong, improves body composition, maintains libido, and supports many other aspects of physical and mental wellbeing.

It is important to be aware to not go overboard as too much testosterone can have just an impact as too little.

Unfortunately, many women struggle with low testosterone levels. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a problem that only affects men.

Fortunately, there are plenty of things women can do to increase their natural testosterone production such as avoiding stress, adopting healthier lifestyles, and placing extra focus on foods that provide testosterone-boosting nutrients. Testosterone replacement therapy is another option (with testosterone injections, pellets or patches) but this can be quite invasive. Testosterone therapy and hormone therapy can be quite costly

Certain herbs also can boost female free testosterone levels. The best ones can be purchased individually or combined in supplements that have been developed to function as natural testosterone boosters.

However, if you are suffering from low hormone levels, the best course of action may be to hit the problem from all sides.

Avoid stress where you can, get more exercise, and eat a healthy well-balanced diet that is rich in nutrients and low in sugar and saturated fats. Then, if you want to maximize the overall benefits, take a suitable testosterone boosting supplement as well. TestoPrime and Testo Max are arguably the best examples of female T-boosters.

In addition to increasing low testosterone in women, this combination of changes should help you feel and look healthier and experience an increased joie de vivre.

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