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Lux Lions acquires a private virtual community island in – Press Releases

Lux lionsa rare blue-chip NFT collection of 10,000 lion-themed digital assets, has partnered with a blockchain-based virtual reality platform Aftermath Island Metaversea Barbados-based company to expand its Lion Pride by offering users a fun and exciting opportunity to purchase Virtual Land in Lux Lions Oasisa 5,000 property community of Aftermath Islands that is one of Aftermath Islands’ first private island programs.

Lux Lion NFT holders will have their first opportunity to purchase virtual lots and lots within this community and initial sales of these virtual lots have already begun and have already received an enthusiastically positive response from the community.

Lux Lions also works with other organizations to deliver unique services on the island Virtual landowner events at Lux Lions Oasis. One such partner is the Bored Ape Football Club (BAFC), the first football-focused DAO community and one of the first esports projects to enter the Metaverse. BAFC and Lux ​​Lions will open a professional stadium at the Lux Lions Oasis in Aftermath Islands to celebrate BAFC’s first foray into the Metaverse.

According to Gartner, the Metaverse is one of the top five emerging technology trends for 2022. Global spending on Metaverse technologies is expected to increase almost fivefold, from approximately $15 billion today to nearly $73 billion by 2024. JPMorgan even dubbed the Metaverse “Metaverse.” The Next Trillion Dollar Opportunity,” with industry leaders across gaming, retail, education, arts, healthcare, business solutions and blockchain all investing in this rapidly evolving and burgeoning ecosystem. Citi has stated that while the Metaverse may still be in its infancy, it could represent a revenue opportunity of up to $13 trillion and have a major impact not only on major tech companies but also on cryptocurrencies.

As for the partnership David Lucatch, Managing Director of Aftermath Islandssaid: “We are delighted to partner with…

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