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M5s, Crimi: I don’t know if we will continue to use Rousseau – Politics

“Rousseau’s economic claims are unfounded both in quantitative terms and defining the movement as an obligated object. Asking for more than 400 thousand euros, in fact, to include within it, and as a priority part, amounting to almost 270,000 euros, the fees of those who left the Movement are not charged. ” Vito Crimi told the M5S delegates. “Shall we continue to use Rousseau for the realization of direct democracy? The answer cannot be yes or no for the following reasons to the problems still being identified,” he stressed.

“Regarding the relationship with the Rousseau Association: everyone knows that the Association has long carried out activities independently and has not had any coordination with the Movement’s agencies. animations, services, graphics and other elements in the platform are not shared.For example: “I trust” to name one or the words “I in order” or “I do not in order” We are conducting all necessary dialogue, also through our attorneys, to identify claims about alleged defaults that are part of the Movement, which in the opinion of our attorneys is non-existent, but most of them are related to candidacy commitments by a small segment of MPs that I hope are, in the context of. The scene of the new course they will be completed in the shortest time possible, Crimi explained.

“What I do know is that we will always and in any case need a technology platform that allows us to on the one hand manage members for routine operations and on the other hand to implement the principle of direct democracy, on the other hand, is inherent in our DNA What characteristics must this platform have? It must be managed completely autonomously by the political association Movimento 5 Stelle, in terms of content and form, it must meet operational needs. movement to pursue the political action of the Movement, not the third party that provides it, regardless of what it is. Vito Crimi told the M5S delegates. “Initiatives and activities carried out through it must be proposed, coordinated and managed by the bodies of the Movement or by the managers of various projects designated by the 5 Star Movement. out and not by third-party service providers.All options must be in the full availability of the movement’s organs to be democratically elected and react to the credibility mechanisms and not trustworthy and therefore also politically reactive to the choices given, rather than the third party providing the tool.User or citizen visitor, not imagined for access a foundation, whatever it is, must understand that it is participating in the Movement It must feel within and be part of the Movement and not of a third party merely providing tools technology “. “This is the line that we intend to adopt from now on and we will only be able to do it from now on as it will be the Movement that will communicate with the tool providers, not the individuals. Who contributed “in Crimi’s conclusion” to a third party acting independently “.

Ultimately, it is important for us all to be aware that in order to be able to start this new machine, we need a strong start-up momentum and important initial start-up resources. Now, through our accounts, we can also start fundraising: it is important that we start with a common impulse as only this can help us grow and achieve our goals. We are starting a new course for the Movement and we need to deliver our first impulses, ”M5S political leader Vito Crimi told delegates of the Movement.



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