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Maggio dei Libri for Dante, more than 2,300 initiatives – Books – Other Suggestions

TRIESTE – Maggio dei Libri starts again tomorrow. This is the 11th edition, with a Dante theme, divided into special initiatives and collaborations and over 2,300 initiatives. Special cinematic preview, social section “Let’s go #inLibreria” supports publishers and bookstores, Dante online lessons, meetings, overseas initiatives: this is a key coordinates of XI Maggio dei Libri, campaign by Centro per il libro and reading by the Ministry of Culture, which invites users to conduct activities that promote reading, presence or on the web, to stimulate Meet, collaborate, create cultural projects and initiatives. The Maggio dei Libri begins tomorrow, coinciding with World Copyright and Book Day, on the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death. It is in line with the celebrations for the Poet looking at the topic ‘Love …’ and the three lines of study “Love … ch’a no amato amar amnesty”, “Love … that’s why in my mind “and” Love … shielding il sun and other stars “. Represented on Maggio by visual artist Vincenzo Del Vecchio, users will be able to take inspiration from Dante for initiatives incorporated into the site’s database; already 2,300. “Love …, understood as a feeling and a desire to know and understand, both as an important force of the universe and its creatures; a journey of choosing the Supreme Poet and the His immortal verse is the guide. ” Paola Passarelli, dg Libraries and copyright said.

“There is no better way to celebrate Dante’s 700th anniversary than to be inspired by his poetry and through reading and books to make a journey in ourselves that directs us towards others”. Several special initiatives will also take place on the web in May 2021: the campaign inauguration, with the world premiere of “Right to Happiness”, in partnership with Imago Film; The Strega Prize Initiative “La Repubblica fosters the development of culture” in which 12 authors competed to read 12 fundamental principles of the Constitution on the occasion of 75 / o Premio Strega and the 75th anniversary of the Republic; Online reading festival (April 23 and 24) organized by the Rome Library in collaboration with the Association of Italian Publishers (AIE); the first edition of Lettura Day, a collective initiative of ADEI – Association of Independent Publishers, with a new dedicated website; demonstrations of good practices under the Reading Treaty, implemented under the Book Center’s “Reading City” project and read with the consent of ANCI (Association of Cities), the consortium partnerships between public agencies, private agencies and educational institutions to promote reading. The “FAI Lighting” course, organized by FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano, will attend, concluding the 2021 version of the campaign with five meetings at multiple “FAI sites”. In this “book fair”, the Il Maggio dei Libri Prize was held for many readers who hosted thousands of key events at the event, starting with this year’s National Awards for Books and Reading.


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