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Magic clears the mind of cold water swimming

Last fall, my friend Lucy Laucht feeling distant – she recently lost her father, her mother has Alzheimer’s disease, and her marriage has collapsed. “Everything that can happen is happening,” she said. “I am on a journey to find out who I am again.” The surprising thing helped the most? Swimming in very, very cold water …

Lucy Laucht swims in cold water

Her first cold swim was in October 2020, when a friend living near her in Cornwall, England, suggested swimming into the frozen ocean – also known as cold water, winter or wild. wild. “I was terrified,” recalls Lucy. “I made a song like that and danced about it.” But in the end she forced herself to step into the water. When she went out, she felt excited.

Then the friends swim every morning – even during the coldest December days. Lucy wore a swimsuit and stayed in it for 6 or 7 minutes. “Your skin burns. It feels really good. You just feel alive. In that moment of surrender, I really couldn’t think of anything other than, MY GOD. It wipes out your mind about everything else. “

More and more women go swimming together. “I went last week with a group of girls, and it was amazing. The sun rises on the horizon, and I can see steam rising over our skin in the water. I felt like, wow, what an amazing thing it was to be able to do it. Other days, Lucy likes to swim alone. “Gliding across the water, lowering my head under the waves – I love its tranquility.”

When I was talking on the phone with her, I kept saying that I couldn’t imagine I could stand cold water. She laughed: “Everyone is always like that, my God, are you crazy? But it’s funny because once you have conquered it and practiced it, the feeling is no longer immense. Once you do that, all your fear will be gone. And that’s everything in life, isn’t it? “

Do you ever swim in cold water? If you want to get started, make sure to go with the others first. “When you get into the water, you can gasp out of control,” Lucy explained. So go with a partner until you are confident enough to read the water and know your body’s response.

And if you can’t swim in the ocean, Lucy suggests taking a cold bath for the same effect. “It shocked your body a bit,” she said. “Pro tip!”

Lucy Laucht swims in cold water

Lucy Laucht swims in cold water

Lucy Laucht swims in cold water

Lucy Laucht swims in cold water

Lucy Laucht swims in cold water

Lucy Laucht swims in cold water

Thank you very much, Lucy! Check out her print shop here, if you want.

PS About happiness, and Beauty uniform of a polar explorer.

(Image courtesy of Lucy by Victoria Harrison; all other photos of Lucy Laucht.)



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