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Magnetic travel capsule made from plastic waste from beach cleaning

Made from recycled, ocean-sourced plastic, Cadence’s magnetic, refillable containers provide a durable, convenient and stylish solution for single-use travel bottles. From shampoos to vitamins and skin care to jewelry, the honeycomb shaped capsules can be customized magnetically bind together magnetically to keep things organized in travel handbag. Perhaps the best part? Cadence uses exclusive recycled plastic blends specially designed to keep products safe and fresh.

According to the company, at least 9 billion disposable travel containers and 6 billion silicon travel bottles will find their way to beaches and landfills during our lifetime. Worse still, 80% of the plastic on the beaches ends up staying Ocean, polluting the ecosystem and harming wildlife.

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Cadence partners with partner Envision Plastics, which employs local communities to collect plastic from beaches around the world. Today, Cadence containers are manufactured using 50% Recycling blended materials from ocean and plastic Reuse scrap plastic from its own production, though it plans to soon bring that number up. This young company has assembled a dedicated team looking for the best way to make capsules made from 100% recycled plastic while keeping the product reusable and durable.

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Recycled ocean plastic aside, what sets these capsules apart from other travel containers is the fact that they are sturdy enough to throw around in your suitcase but stylish enough to look good on the table. your work or bathroom counter. The containers are designed to hold 16 ml / 0.56 ounces of product and come in three colors: terracotta, lavender and sand. they are BPA free, leak proof, dishwasher safe and TSA compliant. Buyers can choose a custom magnetic label as they shop or choose from one of the available preset logos or labels (“cleanser”, “hand cream”, etc.).

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Each capsule costs $ 14, with the option to customize your own label for an extra $ 3. The company also offers discounts on pre-order packages of six or seven.

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