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Mahmood, new album ‘Ghettolimpo’ coming June – Music

Mahmood announced “Ghettolimpo”, his new album to be released on June 11, 2021, available for pre-order in signed cd format and signed vinyl.
Predicted in February with the single “Inuyasha” (golden disc), “Ghettolimpo” represents a new image for the artist, who has briefly won a position among pop composers. urban, with a unique trait that distinguishes it. in contemporary panorama. The album opens up a multifaceted world, in which each song refers to its own symbol and the story of a character, as in different levels of video games, reveals itself to the person. listen to the paragraphs one at a time. A universe with many references, inhabited by the gods of Mount Olympus along with various characters, where hints from Greek mythology are combined with the experiences of current heroes. Great life in their everyday life, trying to overcome obstacles in different situations. In Mahmood’s Ghettolimpo we do not find almighty figures who belong to an inaccessible place, but rather depictions of extraordinary people who simply try to give meaning to their lives.
“Zero”, written by Mahmood, D. Petrella, D. Faini and produced by Dardust, will be released on all digital platforms on Wednesday, April 21, the song is part of The soundtrack and the title of the new original series are available on Netflix at the age of 21, born from an idea by Antonio Dikele Distefano, which was managed by Mahmood as a music supervisor. (HANDLING).


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