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Mainly the clash at curfew. Salvini: ‘We don’t participate in government to create a silence’ – Politics

Italy reopened But the government is still fighting about a curfew, with yesterday’s question and answers between Democratic Party secretary Enrico Letta and party leader Lega Matteo Salvini, the latest indication that the tensions in the majority had on Tuesday were called the test: in the classroom in the Chamber an agenda to be voted under which the Italian Brothers demanded the abolition of the measure “not to limit pandemic but to freedom”, and the former ally asserted: “no gift exists. popular politics “.

Salvini returns to the problem today: “You can’t say a bartender or a restaurant owner ‘go back to work for dinner, but at 9:59 p.m. wake up the people who are drinking coffee.’. The common sense goes beyond decree and so if there is an ordinance that mandates work even in the evening, let these people work with worthy people“, the Federation’s leadership spoke to journalists before lunch at a famous restaurant inside Parco Sempione in Milan, about the government quarrel between Minister Forza Italia over regional affairs, Mariastella. Gelmini, and all ‘Carlo Sibilia’s secretary baked inside, at curfew.

“I told the Secretary of the Democratic Party – he said again when he called and asked Enrico Letta, whom he asked and answered yesterday – we are the loyal, loyal supporters of Draghi and therefore, we demand that science be valuable both when it closes and when it unfolds.. We’re not here to argue, we’re working to properly use European funds. Here we are, We are in government not to create a scene of silence but to bring our ideas. And I think Draghi needs someone to put him in touch with reality “.” It ceases to make scientific, medical, health, ethical, cultural and social significance as it closes 60 million Italians at home after 10 p.m. governors and business people, including the Democrats, demanded it. The Federation’s goal is to bring the entire government within the next few days to establishing that with safe procedures everyone has the right to return to work both indoors and outdoors and that people can go for a walk. even at 10:30 pm, “he added.

“It is customary for the Conference of Regional Presidents to proceed by consensus, I have openly said that the 10pm curfew should be respected. I agree with Letta’s correct reminder, It is not acceptable for a majority of the government to collect signatures against the governmentLazio Region President Nicola Zingaretti told Rai News24 when talking about Lega and Matteo Salvini. If a decision is made, the signature is not collected against the decision being made, it is ABC, even if you travel with friends, “he added.

“I hope that the Federation is a serious force. It has a purely instrumental attitude, is obsessed with not disappearing and not thinking about the good things of the country,” he concluded.



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