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Make the final push in 2018

Make the final push in 2018

November 3, 2018, 1:09 pm by Sam Wang

For neuroscientists, Election Day is a top priority when planning conferences. Today began the annual meeting of the Neuroscience Association in San Diego. It was an astonishing explosion of science and creative effort from almost 30,000 people – most of them away from home. I hope at least they voted! It is the minimum obligation of a citizen in an election, especially an election that has important implications for our democracy.

If you are helping ultimately motivate your preferred party, you can find places to help with Competition area finder. And wondering what candidates and state ballot questions are worth your attention? This is the PEC Instructions for important elections.

If you happen to be far from southern California and not a neuroscientist, there are several areas in close dispute:

45th district (Walters-R vs Porter-D is 4 +/- 5%; median +/- SD, n = 3 survey) and 48th district (Rohrabacher-R vs Rouda-D is 2 + / – 6%, n = 3). These are the counties where voting will make a difference.

if you We A neuroscientist, comes to the conference and tests some of the amazing work we’re doing at Princeton – a general classification based on neural networks in flies and mice. High time resolution and easy training – about a hundred examples is enough to train the method we call LEAP. See what Talmo and Lindsay have to say!

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